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Breeding of Vegetable Crops
Author(s): Darbeshwar Roy

ISBN:    978-81-8487-627-7 
Publication Year:   2019
Pages:   360
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   675


About the book

BREEDING OF VEGETABLE CROPS is about evolution and genetic resources of vegetable and spices. This book describes breeding methods for development of cultivars for organic farming, adaptation of specific climate and resistance to various biotic and abiotic stresses including climate change. This book will be useful to undergraduate and post-graduate students, teachers and researchers in the field of vegetable and spices breeding. • Breeding methods including biotechnological methods have been described • Hybridization techniques in different vegetable crops is dealt with carefully • Discussed open pollinated varieties, composites, synthetics and seed production techniques • Open pollinated cultivars, pure breeding cultivars and inbred lines have been described • Detailed discussion on hybrid cultivar development on cytoplasmic male sterility and self incompatibility • Methods of grafting to treat diseases.

Table of Contents

Preface / Section I - Vegetables and Spices-general description, origin, genetic resources and production: Introduction / Chilling damage / Edible parts of different vegetables / Carotenoids and vitamins in vegetables / Micronutrient availability in vegetables / Phenolic compounds and alkaloids / Antinutritional factors / Different paths of Evolution of vegetable and fruit crops / Potato / Quantitative Genetic studies in potato / Factors affecting interspecific hybridization / Breeding for resistance to diseases and insects-pests / Mutation breeding / True potato seeds (TPS) / Biochemical characteristics / Tomato / The Brassicas or Crucifer Vegetables / Radish / Onion, garlic, shallot, Welsh/Japanese bunch onion / Leafy vegetables / Basella / Bathua / Amaranth / Roselle and kanaf / Capsicum (Chilli peppers) / Vine Crops and its characteristics / Cucurbitaceous Vegetable / Bottle gourd / Pea / Okra / Brinjal / Beet root / Table beet / Carrot / Jimikand / Drumstick / Spices and Condiments / Makhana / Water chestnut / Chinese water chestnut / Lotus stem (Kamal kakdi) / Corn / Mushroom / Seed and Pod vegetables / Asparagus / Jerusalem artichoke / Globe artichoke / Taro-Arvi / Yam / Dioscorea / Suthni / Cassava / Horseradish / Purslane / Parsely / Celery / Rhubarb / Section II - Genetics, breeding systems, breeding goals, Breeding Methods: Genetics of some traits in some vegetables / Breeding systems and methods of propagation / Breeding goals / Seed propagated vegetables / Parthenocarpy and methods of breeding parthenocarpic fruit / Stenospermocarpy / Sex Determination / Bolting in vegetable crops / Genetics of flowering / Yield components in some vegetable crops / Trellises and pandal system of cultivation / Crop Improvement / How to Practice Selection in Radish, Carrot and Cauliflower? / Hybridization Processes Practiced in Vegetables / Development of composites/synthetics / Production of doubled haploid (DH) lines / Improvement of dioecious vegetables / Improvement of Tree Spices and Vegetables / Use of hydroponics in vegetable production / Breeding for resistance to diseases and pests in vegetables / Biotechnology in Vegetables / Production of haploid/dihaploid / Production of cybrids / In vitro multiplication / Abiotic stresses and Breeding for resistance/tolerance / Conventional Breeding methods in improvement of different vegetable crops / Evaluation of advanced breeding lines / Minor vegetable crops / Organic farming / Participatory Plant Breeding vs. Conventional Breeding / Plant Breeders’ Right / Description of different vegetables / References / Index.


Undergraduate Students, Teachers and Researchers


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