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Creative Trends in Engineering and Technology
Author(s): F. A. Hanandeh, Arti Singh

ISBN:    978-81-8487-599-7 
E-ISBN:   E 978-81-8487-668-0
Publication Year:   2017
Pages:   500
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   210mm x 290mm
Weight:   1385

About the book

CREATIVE TRENDS IN ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY discusses in ---- chapters, innovating ideas that help not only human beings but the entire universe in areas like engineering, medicine, biotechnology etc. This book attempts to cover most of the work done by researchers in various fields to help Postgraduate Students, Professionals and Researchers in different areas

Table of Contents

Preface / Micro Inverter Base Grid Connected Photovoltaic System / Evaluation of Information Retrieval Systems using Various Measures / Data Security in Mobile Cloud Environment by Adopting Data Classification Model / Green Cloud Framework for Energy Efficiency using Round Robin Scheduling and Priority Scheduling / Decremental Algorithm with Node Combination for Routing Optimization in ATIS / Performance Comparison of Dynamic Clustering Protocols for Energy Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Network / Opinion Classification based Information Credibility Analysis System / Forecasting of Stock Market Prices using Neural Network / Design and Development of Dual Input CUK-ZETA Converter / Multi Level Privacy Preserving in Medical Data Publishing / Path Planning of Mobile Robot using PSO Algorithm / Carrier Aggregation in LTE / Mitigating Iris based Replay Attack using Cuckoo Optimized Reversible Watermarking / An Inventory Model for Decaying Items with Ramp Type Demand under Learning Effect / PC-PC Communication using LI-FI / Optimization of Energy Efficiency using Cluster Tree based Data Aggregation Topology for Wireless Sensor Networks / Semantic Web Prefetching using Semantic Relatedness between Web Pages / Cloud based Mobi-Context Hybrid Framework for Venue Recommendation / A Combined Approach of Rock and Genetic Algorithm for Clustering Categorical Data / Agile Software Development: Evolution of Case Tool in Software Engineering / Influence of Parameters in Friction Stir Welding(FSW) Process: A Review / Effect of Process Parameters of Machining in CNCWIRE-CUT EDM for Aluminium / Traffic Congestion in Developing Countries: Lack of Space or Lack of Management / FIDIC and NHAI Conditions of Contract: A Comparative Study on Indian Highway Construction Project / Comparative Study of Effect of Loading for Ocean Transportation & Seismic Event on Modular Steel Structures / Stress Concentration Effects on GFRP Composite Plates with Circular Cut-Outs / Integrated Approach to Green Building Design / Denoising of Microarray Images using the Markov Random Field Model in the Spatial Domain / Node Mapping and Routing in Wireless Communication / Study of Indian Classical Ragas Yaman and Todi Structure and its Emotional Influence on Human Body for Music Therapy / Contour Shape Descriptor for 2D Image Retrieval / Singing Voice Analysis for Singer Identification using Vibrato Features / Characterization and Studies of Mechanical Properties of Fly ash/Nano clay Epoxy Resin Polymer Composites / Synchrophasors Measurement for Intentional Islanding with Realistic Considerations / Investigation of Efficient Cryptic Algorithm for Cloud Storage / Cryptic Mining for AVK Based Cryptosystem and Client Side Encryption Perspective / Study of Trust Models and Semantic Structural Relationship between the Concepts of Organizational Trust for building High Trust Organization / Performance of Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Approximations in LTE Downlink / A Survey on Issues and Challenges of Big Data / NESSRD: Node Eminence State and Node Sequence State based Secure Route Discovery to Prevent Black and Gray Hole Attacks in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / A System for Recognition of Offline Handwritten Mathematical Equations using Neural Network with Hybrid Feature Extraction Technique / An Intelligent Data Classification System for Micronutrient Analysis of Rural Women / Segmentation of Natural Scene Images using Grating Cell Texture Operator and K-means Clustering Algorithm / Real-time Low Latency Data Processing using STM / Heartbeat Classification based on Combinational Feature Selection Method for Analysing Cardiac Disorders / Feature Extraction Using MFCC for Speech Recognition / Offline Handwritten Gurmukhi Character Recognition using Particle Swarm Optimized Neural Network / Performance Analysis of OFDM-ODSB, OFDM-OSSB and OFDM-OVSB FSO Communication System by Employing Spatial Diversity / Comparison between Multi-Layer Perceptron and Radial Basis Function Networks for Predicting Reliability and Availability: A Case Study / Computation of Temperature Distribution in the Stator ofa 75 kW Slip-Ring Induction Motor by FEM During Star-Delta Starting / Design of State Feedback Observer based on Kharitnov Polynomial for Rotary Inverted Pendulum / Planning and Reliability Analysis for Restructuring of Existing OH Lines to UG Cables: A Case Study / Performance Parameters Evaluation & Comparison of Basic Non-Isolated DC-DC Converters for Wind Energy Conversion Systems / Automated User Interface Harmonization in A Multi-Source Big Data Streaming Scenario / Real- Time Field Distribution of the Closed Object using Image Reconstruction Technique / An Efficient 2D-Discrete Wavelet Transform Architecture for JPEG 2000 using Field Programmable Gate Arrays / Influence of Temperature and Contact Time on the Synthesis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for the Removal of Heavy Metals from Rooftop Harvested Rainwater / Machine Vision to Identify Malignant Melanoma by Asymmetry Analysis / Feature Selection Methods for Heart Disease Prediction with Data Mining Techniques / Clustering of Computers / Fuzzy Rule based Lung Cancer Diagnosis Expert System / Review on Reinforced Concrete Skew Slab / An Approach to Maximize the Performance of Wireless Sensor Network for Sampling Time Less Than the Optimum Value / Experimental Studies on Bearing Capacity of Inclined Skirted Footings on C- F Soils / Performance Analysis of Different Classifiers for Diabetes Classification / Graph Theoretic Solution to Multidimensional Optimization (A-Tree) / Extract Session using Pig.


Postgraduate Students, Professionals & Researchers


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