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Structural Analysis , Second Edition
Author(s): Devdas Menon

ISBN:    978-81-8487-597-3 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2018
Pages:   1232
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   1635


About the book

STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS (Second Edition) is a basic under-graduate text on Structural Analysis, presented with fresh insight and clarity. The content is divided into five distinct but related parts (comprising 22 chapters), exploring sequentially and comprehensively the basic and advanced concepts of structural mechanics. Part 1 introduces the basic concepts of structure, loading and response. Parts 2 and 3 deal respectively with various methods of finding the force response and displacement response of statically determinate structures. Parts 4 and 5 explore various methods of analysing indeterminate structures by force and displacement methods respectively. In this second edition, the contents have been revised and made up-to-date. Many issues related to the finer aspects of the theory are explored in detail. This includes numerous applications, including short-cut methods of analyzing indeterminate structures. Topics that are commonly ill-understood by engineers, such as the principle of virtual work, energy methods and displacement methods, are discussed here with emphasis on clarity in understanding and developing a physical ‘feel’. The main objective is to enable the student to have a good grasp of all the fundamental issues in this subject, besides enjoying the learning process, and developing analytical and intuitive skills.

Key Features

  • • A comprehensive treatment of Structural Analysis • Well-suited for both self-study and class room use • Excellent refresher for post-graduate students and practicing engineers • Especially useful and instructive aid for teachers • Special emphasis on relating deflection diagrams to force response • Special treatment of work and energy methods and displacement methods • Emphasis on short-cut methods of handling indeterminate structures • More than 250 illustrative examples with explanations • Large number of review questions and problems

Table of Contents

Structure / Load / Response / Force Response in Statically Determinate Structures: Support Reactions / Internal Forces in Beams / Axial Forces in Trusses / Axial Forces in Cables and Funicular Arches / Internal Forces in Frames / Influence Lines / Displacement Response in Statically Determinate Structures: Deflection in Beams: Conventional Methods / Principle of Virtual Forces / Energy Methods / Statically Indeterminate Structures: Force Methods: Introduction to Force Methods / Method of Consistent Deformations / Theorem of Least Work / Column Analogy Method / Approximate Lateral Load Analysis of Building Frames / Deflections in Statically Inderminate Structures / Kinematically Indeterminate Structures Displacement Methods: Introduction to Displacement Methods / Slope-Deflection Method / Moment Distribution Method / Kani’s Method / Index.


Undergraduate Students, Teachers & Professional Structural Engineers


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