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Engine Emissions: Fundamentals and Advances in Control , Second Edition
Author(s): B. P. Pundir

ISBN:    978-81-8487-551-5 
Publication Year:   2017
Pages:   432
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   700


About the book

ENGINE EMISSIONS: Fundamentals and Advances in Control – Second Edition, introduces the reader to the fundamentals of formation of pollutant formation in IC engines and advances in the engine emission control that have taken place over the years. It is an updated reference on the subject for the academics and professionals. Worldwide vehicle emission standards for the gaseous pollutants and, particulate mass and number (PN) emissions up to Euro 6 and Tier 3 regulations, test cycles including worldwide harmonized cycles e.g., WLTC, WHTC, WHSC and WMTC, and the emission measurement techniques including for PN are presented. Advanced engine concepts e.g., GDI (DISC and Sioich.) and HCCI, and the advanced aftertreatment technologies e.g., deNOx and, multi-zoned and multi- layered catalysts, GPF and DPF are discussed. The book brings to readers, the emission impact of the characteristics of petroleum and alternative fuels like alcohols, CNG, Biodiesel, DME, GTL H2 etc, and international trends in the fuel specifications. Vehicle FE targets e.g., CAFÉ and others for mitigation of CO2 emissions and global warming are dealt with. The book has 264 figures and 98 tables of data for a more complete illustration of the subject matter.

Table of Contents

Preface for the Second Edition / Preface for First Edition / Vehicle Emissions and Air Pollution / Genesis of Engine Emissions / Emission Test Procedures and Standards / Emission Control in SI Engines / Emission Control in CI Engines / Fuel Effects on Emissions / GHG Emissions and Global Warming / Index.


Graduate Students, Researchers, Teachers & Professionals


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