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Mathematical and Computational Sciences
Editor(s): Santosh George, Jidesh P, Johny Jose

ISBN:    978-81-8487-456-3 
Publication Year:   2015
Pages:   272
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   615

About the book

MATHEMATICAL AND COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES is a collection of research materials, discussing mathematical solutions to scientific problems like data mining, computer networks etc. Most of the real-time problems are inverse in nature and among them many are ill-posed. Such problems are a matter of concern among the researchers and scientists. Many such problems are solved numerically to yield an approximate solution. Some articles in this book discuss these problems and its applications in the area of image and signal processing and give an insightful introduction to the possible approaches to handle them.

Table of Contents

CONTENTS: ABSTRACTS OF THE INVITED TALKS: Ray, Radon, Fourier Transforms and Inverse Problem in Image Reconstruction / The Role of Best Approximation Theory in the Study of Fixed Point Theorems / A Superconvergent Method to Solve a Non-linear Operator Equation / Linearization Versus Discretization, Which Should be Done First ? / Approximate Solutions of Integral Equations / Van Der Waerden’s Theorem: A Pearl of Number Theory / Machine Learning and Financial Time Series Prediction / MATHEMATICAL SCIENCES: Asymptotic Expansions for Approximate Eigenvalues of Integral Operators with a Weakly Singular Periodic Kernel / A Modified Newton Iterative Scheme for Solving Non-linear Ill-posed Problems / An a Posteriori Parameter Choice Rule for Singularly Perturbed Elliptic PDE / Expanding the Applicability of Newton-Tikhonov Regularization of Non-linear Ill-Posed Hammerstein Type Equations / An Iterative Method for Non-linear Ill-Posed Equation with Monotone Operators / Bounds for Chessboard Domination Problems in 3 and Higher Dimensions / A Comparative Study of Three Level Explicit and Implicit Numerical Scheme for Convection Diffusion Equation / The b-chromatic Number Mycielskian of Paths / Smooth Fractal Interpolation with Function Scaling Factors, M.A. Navascués / A Stage-structured Eco-epidemiological Model with Refuge / An Efficient Algorithm to Handle the Combinatorial Sets of Network Reliability / The Structure of Zero Divisor Graph of Monogenic Semigroups and Their Betweenness Centralities / COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCES: Covering Arrays of Strength Four with Budget Constraints / Covering Arrays of Strength Two and Pairwise Software Testing / An Implementation of GSM Based Smart Digital Notice Board Using Embedded C / Dissipativity Analysis of Memristor-Based Recurrent Neutral Networks Based on Delay Decomposition Approach / Modification of Fuzzy kNN by Learning from Data in Activity Recognition Modeling / A Survey on Performance Parameters of Different Cross Layer Design Protocols in WSN / Effect on Coverage Due to Sensor Node Mobility / Data Mining for Performance Improvement of Human Aspect of Software Engineering / Realization of Maximum Likelihood (ML) Decoding by Modified Multi Stack Pushdown Automata / Detection of Back Attack in a TCP Network Using Hidden Markov Model / Fuzzy Predicate Petri Net and T-invariant Analysis Based Cloud Service Recommendation using Cloud Service Ontology / Localization Scheme for Super Nodes in Underwater Sensor Network Using PSO Algorithm / Prediction of Divergence of Dengue Virus Serotypes by Comparative Analysis of Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequences / Migration of Legancy Application to Cloud Environment: A Survey / Routing Messages in a Human Network / Component Analysis based Hybrid Face Recognition System using Artificial Neural Network / ABSTRACTS OF THE PRESENTED PAPERS: Iterative Root Problem for PM Functions with Height Greater than One / K-Frames and Frame Operators / Higher Order Interval Newton Method for Unconstrained Optimization / Study and Implementation of Telemetry System using VHDL / Adomian Decomposition Method and its Modification for Non-linear Abel’s Integral Equation.


Postgraduate Students, Librarians, Professionals and Researchers


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