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Finite Element Method: Fundamentals and Applications
Author(s): Pramote Dechaumphai

ISBN:    978-81-8487-433-4 
Publication Year:   2016
Pages:   572
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   865


About the book

The book, FINITE ELEMENT METHOD: Fundamentals and Applications, presents a clear, easy-to-understand manner on fundamentals and applications of the finite element method. The book is divided into two parts suitable for undergraduate and graduate courses. The first part consisting of five chapters presents fundamentals of the finite element method in their simplest forms so that beginners can understand the method easily and quickly. Such fundamentals are explained in details with accompanied examples and exercises. The second part consisting of three major chapters presents the formulation and applications of the method for structural, heat transfer, and fluid flow problems. For the structural problems, the static and dynamic analyses using truss, beam, plane, plate and solid elements are presented. Finite element formulations for analyzing conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer problems under steady-state and transient conditions are explained in details. For the fluid flow problems, finite element formulations for different classes of flow behaviors such as the potential, viscous, incompressible and compressible flows are presented. Numerous examples are illustrated to increase under-standing of the finite element method for analyzing these problems. The book also includes details and listings of three finite element computer programs and a computer graphics program in the last chapter so that students can use or modify them for their research work.

Key Features

  • This text book is ideal for undergraduate and graduate students in mechanical, aeronautical, civil and chemical engineering as well as practicing engineers. Presentation is in an easy-to-understand style by using simple words and equations with a large number of figures. Materials are clear and well-organized in an easy-to-follow with logical progression through mathematics and the finite element method. Numerous examples with diverse applications to static and dynamic structures, linear and nonlinear heat transfer, and various classes of fluid flows. Lots of exercises to enhance understanding at the end of each chapter. List of three finite element computer programs and a color graphics program with detailed explanation to provide insight of the method.

Table of Contents

Preface / Part I: Fundamentals - First Step to Finite Element Method / Direct Method / Variational Method / Method of Weighted Residuals / Element Interpolation Functions and Numerical Integration / Part II: Applications - Elasticity Problems / Heat Transfer Problems / Fluid Flow Problems / Finite Element Computer Programs / Appendixes / Index.


Undergraduate and Graduate Students in Aeronautical, Mathematics, Civil, Chemical & Mechanical Engineering and Practicing Engineers


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