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Computational Mathematics and Information Technology
Editor(s): D. S. Hooda, Shishir Kumar

ISBN:    978-81-8487-420-4 
Publication Year:   2015
Pages:   268
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   600

About the book

COMPUTATIONAL MATHEMATICS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is divided into two parts: (i) Computational Mathematics (ii) Informational Technology. In Computation Mathematics the papers relate to Information Theory, Ancient Mathematics, Fixed Point Theories, Numerical Analysis and Operational Research, while in Information Technology they relate to Data Storage Techniques, Green Cloud Computing, E-governance Models, Security Issues in Pervasive Computing, Software Engineering, Artificial Neutral Networks and Distributed Transactions. This book will be very useful to postgraduate students and researchers engaged in these areas.

Table of Contents

Foreword / Preface / Upper and Lower Bounds on New Information Divergence Measure in Terms of Chi-square Divergence Measure / Computational Method for Fixed Point in Topological Space / Computational Methods in Vedic and Ancient Mathematics / Common Fixed Point Theorems for Contractive Maps of Integral Type in Modular Metric Spaces / Inversion of an Integral Involving a Product of General Class of Polynomials and Saxena’s -function as Kernel / On a New Divergence Functional and Information Inequalities / Reflection and Transmission at Elastic Half-Space and a Three-Phase-Lag Thermoelastic Half-Space with Two-Temperatures / Relationship Between Q-Weyl Operator and Basic Analogue of I-Function in Preview of Q-Laplace Transform / A Review on Optical and Biological Possibilities in Data Storage / An Integrated Cloud Based Approach to E-Governance / Green Cloud Computing: A Solution of Save Energy / Hand Biometrics using Weighted Geometrical Features / Issues and Challenges in ERP Based E-Governance Model / Multilingual Information Extraction and NIP for Information Access System / Security Issues in Pervasive Computing: A Healthcare Scenario / Software Engineering with Reusable Component / Analyzing Role of Software Characteristics for Quality Improvement / Study of Artificial Neural Networks in the Field of Disaster Mitigation / An Efficient Deadlock Resolution Method For Distributed Transactions / A Review: Natural Language Interface to Database / A Survey on Geographic Routing Protocols for Dynamic Hole-Bypassing in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network / Methodology for Improving Accuracy of Software Cost Estimation / Security Issues of Cloud Computing: An Analysis / Hindi Derivational Morphological Analyzer and Generator using NIP Approach / Analysis of Approaches for Set Covering Problem / Issues to use Internet Website Through Mobile Devices / Delegating Computations: Potentials of Homomorphic Encryption.


Postgraduate Students, Library, Professionals and Researchers


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