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Computer Science and Engineering: Recent Trends
Editor(s): R. Rajesh, Prabhat Ranjan

ISBN:    978-81-8487-391-7 
Publication Year:   2015
Pages:   350
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   714

About the book

COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING provides a comprehensive and unified coverage of contributions from researchers and experts in the area. Computer Science and its technology has been rapidly changing and in this scenario, this book provides the reader a glimpse of innovative ideas for academics, researchers and industry professionals. It offers a lucid description of a wide range of simple to complex techniques for a variety of disciplines correlated with computer science and engineering including, but not limited to, networking, software engineering, data mining, high performance computing and computational intelligence. This volume provides directions, future collaborations, and exchange of ideas for researchers across the world towards emerging trends in the Computer Science and Engineering.

Table of Contents

Preface / Package Level Coupling: A New Metric for Object-Oriented Software / Software Defects Estimation using Metrics of Early Phases of Software Development Life Cycle / I-Approach: A New Software Development Life Cycle Model / Empirical Approach to RRSF: Requirement Defect Analysis Perspective / Software Reliability Modeling with Learning-Based Fault-Detection Rate / Defects Density Analysis of Early Software Development Phases / E-Governance Development: Agile Perspective / Modeling and Analysis of Fault Detection and Correction Processes in Software Reliability Growth with Exponentiated Weibull Testing Effort Function / A Comparative Study of Software Engineering Design Principles, Models, Process and Methodologies / Efficient Routing Mechanism for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks using Geographical Traffic Aware Routing Protocol / Inference Attacks in OSNs: A Survey / Survey on VANET Privacy Preserving Protocols / Hospital Length of Stay (LOS) Prediction for Jaundice Patients using Artificial Neural Network (ANN) / Standards for Elliptic Curve Cryptography in a Public Key Infrastructure Design / Effect of Honeypots on Polymorphic Worms in Computer Network / Securing E-Services Delivery for E-Governance Applications over Cloud Architecture / Proposal of a Combined Downlink and Uplink Scheduling Architecture for Mobile Wimax / Nature Inspired Models for Congestion Control in Wireless Sensor Network: A Survey / A Survey on Malicious RREQ Flooding Attacks / A Survey of Blackhole Attacks in MANET / Aperiodic Hello Process for Reduction of Routing Overhead in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks / Generation of Emotional Speech from Neutral Speech by Imposing Emotion Specific Prosody / Audio Analysis and Classification using Data Mining Technique: based on Attribute Selection Measure Gain Ratio / A Study on Thresholding Algorithms for MRI Brain Image Segmentation / Comparative Study of Image Compression Techniques Based on Wavelet Transform and Wavelet Packet Transform / Skew Detection and Correction Technique for Online Hand Written Text in Devanagari Script / Number Plate Recognition for Indian Cars / Incorporating Change Point into Exponentiated Weibull Software Reliability Growth Model and Actual Data Analysis / Neural Network and its Implications on Data Trends / A Survey of Feature Selection Approaches for Dimensionality Reduction / Data Mining in Health Care Arena: A Survey / A Hybrid Algorithm for Binary Topic-Based Text Classification / Neural Network in Forecasting A Review / Implementation of Parallel Genetic Algorithm using Message Passing Interface / A Graph-Based Relationship between Learning Style and Working Memory Capacity of the Learners in Adaptive On-Line Learning System / A Study on Image Enhancement Technique for MRI Brain Images / Cognitive Model of Sentence Comprehension / A Hybrid Approach to Digital Image Steganography using Four Box Substitution Cipher / Evolving Predictor Variable Estimation Model for Web Engineering Projects / Impact of Chemoinformatics on The Drug Discovery Process A Quick Review /Committees / Author Index.


Postgraduate Students, Library, Professionals and Researchers


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