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Introduction to Matrix Theory
Author(s): Vinit K. Sinha

ISBN:    978-81-8487-375-7 
Publication Year:   2015
Pages:   706
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   945


About the book

The conspectus of the manuscript on ‘MATRIX THEORY’ is to give account of its basic approaches and also variegated applications of myriad number of basic concepts. It has been drafted to yield the fervor of interest and relevant facts to the academicians involved (students, pedagogues and the mathematical public. The readers would know how to disport with MATRIX THEORY and also to tackle the problems of Algebra interestingly. The overview of the manuscript will be reflected by the list of chapters which I am giving as an attached file and remarkably this book distinguishes itself from the others especially on par with itself in the sense that some introduction in some chapters has been entailed. Coverage has already been discussed in the following questionnaire. Students would definitely evince their fervid to explore something new in this regard. In so far as ‘Linear Algebra’ has been emanated from its genitor ‘Pure Mathematics’, I personally perceived almost all the students absorbing this subject as a hype pervading from it to the fullest. This gave me a severe jolt and this innervated me to write the book in a crystal clear way as far as possible. Without the concept of Abstract Algebra, Mathematics nowhere stands and even it can’t be expected to exist as it has already been explicated. I am proud to asseverate that I have dealt with the proof almost everywhere to drag the readers out of any reservation. The aim of the book bearing the title “Introduction to Matrix Theory”, indited as meticulously as feasible, is to attract the attention of community involving students and pedagogues, on the pellucid way of perceiving and imbibing the Linear Algebra approach. In its consummate form, the book entails a comprehensive view primarily to UG students who have already had a prone to the first contact with Matrix Theory. The book also focuses on two important aspects; easy perspicacity and clear lines of thoughts for which the chapters in the book have been ramified. This while being prepared, was aimed at taking the students away from “Zone of monotony” to the “spheres of stimulation and interest”

Table of Contents

Matrix Theory / Determinants / Inverse of a Matrix / Rank of Matrices / Linear Equations / Eigen Values & Eigen Vectors / Similatity of Matrices / Quadratic Forms / System of Linear Equations (Numerical Methods).


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, Teachers and Researchers


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