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Latex for Beginners
Author(s): K. B. M. Nambudiripad

ISBN:    978-81-8487-350-4 
Publication Year:   2014
Pages:   342
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   468


About the book

LaTeX FOR BEGINNERS presents all that a beginner would need to know to produce documents of high typographical quality. Beginning with a gentle introduction, the book proceeds to discuss how the LaTeX code may be written to produce simple documents. The complicating features (different fonts and font sizes, special characters including European characters, double column entries, tables and figures and many more) are covered one by one. How cross-references are made, and how an index of important words and bibliography generated are also explained in detail. Apart from the students and researchers the book can be used with advantage by lawyers, media persons and even the lay public.

Key Features

  • Plenty of illustrative examples with the LaTeX code for each topic and example displayed alongside Detailed coverage of mathematical equations Suggestions and instructions for running a hands-on workshop Some computer related information for the benefit of nearly computer illiterate beginners

Table of Contents

Preface / Introduction / To Produce a Simple Document / To Deal with Compliating Features in a Document / More Complicating Features in a Document / Figures and Tables / Cross References, Index and Bibliography / Footnotes, Margin Notes and Endnotes / Special Characters / Transliteration Symbols / Typesetting in Indian Languages / Mathematical Expressions and Equations / Some Computer Related Information / To Produce Slides / A Short Hands-on Workshop on LATEX Learning / Appendices / Index.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, Teachers and Researchers


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