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Energy-Water-Waste Nexus: For Envionmental Management
Editor(s): Rani Devi, Mohd. Kashif Kidwai, Pawan Kumar Rose, Alok Kumar Saran

ISBN:    978-81-8487-206-4 
E-ISBN:   E 978-81-8487-539-3
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   318
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   220mm x 280mm
Weight:   1058

About the book

ENERGY-WATER-WASTE NEXUS: For Environmental Management discusses the close linkages or nexus between production and usage of energy and water consequently generation and disposal of waste. For example it takes a significant amount of water to create energy. Water is used as a coolant in power plants fuelled by coal, oil, natural gas and nuclear power and is required to generate hydropower. Thus, Different types of electricity generation require differing amounts of water. At the same time a significant amount of energy is used to extract, move and treat water for different industrial process and domestic and agricultural practices. Energy and water resources are also used for the collection, treatment and disposal of wastewater and solid waste. Therefore, there is an unseparable interlinkage of generation and usage of each unit of electricity and each drop of water and consequently for the treatment of each pinch/drop of waste. This volume offers some solutions for the sustainable integrated management of the environmental problems and crises in part or as a whole.

Table of Contents

Assessment of water quality and phytoplankton density of Tilyar Lake, Rohtak (Haryana) / Production of Natural Blue dye form Butterfly pea using different novel techniques- Microwave irradiation method, magnetic stirring process and aqueous extraction method / Trend analysis of discharge in Satluj River Basin, Himachal Pradesh, India / Green Technology for the Treatment of Highly Alkaline Cement Industry Waste / Pulp and Paper Mill Wastewater Treatment by Electrochemical and Photocatalytic Methods: A Comparative Study / Hexavalent chromium adsorption using low cost adsorbent / Comparison of different media composition on the growth parameters of marine green microalga Chlorella spp. / Process optimization for the production of sugar from potato and sweet potato starch for bio-ethanol industry / An Innovative Way for Making Biofuel briquette from Discarded Coffee Husk and Coffee Pulp / In vitro approaches to Jatropha curcas for improving biofuel potentials / Copper induced changes in growth rate and biochemical constituents in the cyanobacteria Oscillatoriatenius / Isolation and Characterization of Indigenous Fungi from Soil Contaminated with Pesticides / Understanding the role of land use in affecting the quality of the urban stormwater for the Patiala city, Punjab (INDIA) / Pollutant removal from domestic wastewater with water hyacinth and chestnut planted in a subsurface flow system / Diversity, distribution of vascular plant species associated with Hippophae species under threat to be submerged within proposed Hydroelectric Project in Bhaga valley, Lahaul-Spiti district in Himachal Pradesh, India / Molluscan diversity and water quality - A correlation case study of some water bodies of Sri Ganganagar district, Rajasthan / Carbon sequester capability of selective microorganism under laboratory scale / Management of New Emerging Wastes of aluminium metal by protecting it from Corrosion / Potential of Rice Husk for Biosorption of Cr [VI] and Cu [II] from Synthetic Aqueous Solution / 45 Days Safal Compost from Dung Heap / Preparation of UV resistant and flame retardant environmental friendly coatings / Efficient induction and proliferation of callus cultures of Ficus religiosa L. and comparative analysis of various phytochemicals in the aqueous extracts of in vivo and in vitro tissue / Minimizing Waste in Steel Rim Industry: 3R Approach / Algal Biofuels: A novel strategy to combat future fuel crisis / Removal of metals from simulated waste water using immobilized cell systems of nostoc / Removal of Hazardous Congo Red and Methylene Blue Dyes by Amberlite from aqueous solution / Biomanagement of agriculture waste by indigenous earthworm metaphire posthuma / Replacement of Man Made Fertiliser with Natural Nourishment / Living with Environment: Green Buildings / Leaching of heavy metals from fly ash - sewage sludge mixtures at different pH and washings / Cellulolytic Degradation of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Bioethanol Production: A Review / Enzymatic hydrolysis of sugarcane bagasse for ethanol production by Saccharomyces cerevisiae / Isolation and Evaluation of Aspergillus niger in Decolorization of Reactive Textile dyes / Formation of light weight polyurethane foam based on vegetable oils used for ideal planting medium for green environment / An Overview on the Utilization and Leachate Analysis of Bio-Medical Waste Incinerator Ash / Sewage water irrigation impact on soil chemistry and fertility / Impact of urban runoff on major ion distribution and water quality of river Gomti at Lucknow, India / Assessment of water quality in the vicinity of industries in Yamuna Nagar, Haryana / Solar Cells: Meeting the Environmental Imperatives of Clean Air and Climate Change / A Green Technology:-Automatic Automotive Air Refilling System (AAARS) / Energy storage Technologies for building integrated Photovoltaic cells / Jaivic Chhabutra: Revival of Soil Health Quality & Sustainability in Agricultural Productivity / Water Pollution: A danger to humanity / Fly-ash Amendment with Press Mud and Its Effects on Growth Performance and Physiological Response of Brassica juncea Var. RH-781 / Estimation of imidacloprid in soil samples by HPLC / Preparation of Whey based Papaya pulp and Carrot juice RTS beverage and its Sensory evaluation after different storage periods / Removal of Hexavalent Chromium from Synthetic Solutions by Distillery Sludge as Low Cost Adsorbent / Removal of Cationic & Anionic Dyes by Potassium Hydroxide (KOH) Modified Gamar Saw Dust from aqueous solution / Comparison of Physico-Chemical Properties of Waste Water before and after treatment in Effluent Treatment Plant, Vita, Sirsa / Groundwater quality assessment with respect to fluoride in different blocks of Sirsa district / An overview of electrical energy consumption in housing sector of Haryana State / Fungal Phytases for Combating Environmental Phosphorus Pollution and Ameliorating the Nutritional Status of Non-Ruminants / Activation of Water Regulation for Sustainable Environment / Treatment duration and adsorption capacity of crushed bricks in the removal of fluoride from drinking water.


Postgraduate Students, Librarians, Researchers and Teachers


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