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Chemical Education
Editor(s): Savita Ladage, S. D. Samant

ISBN:    978-81-8487-197-5 
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   188
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   563

About the book

CHEMICAL EDUCATION, an interdisciplinary field initiated in the late 1970s refers to study of various dimensions/issues related to teaching and learning of chemistry. Though young, as compared to other established branches of chemistry, it has been contributing significantly towards teaching and learning of chemistry from elementary to university level. From its inception, the field, has been undergoing major changes across the world and chemistry teachers need to take cognizance of these changes, and adopt them suitably. Chemistry is a fundamental science, which touches all aspects of human life and greatly contributes to human development. Hence, chemistry education needs to be considered seriously. The book exposes chemistry teachers to issues related to assessment and evaluation, problem solving and learning and assessment in chemistry laboratories, new teaching methodologies involving co-operative learning, and e-materials and their use.

Table of Contents

Preface / What is Process Orientated Guided Inquiry (POGIL)? / Learning in the Laboratory: Enhancing the Experience Through Contemporary Instructional Design Principles / Integrating the Nature of Science into Content-based Science Courses / A Scientific Approach to the Teaching of Chemistry / Chemistry Education: Indian Perspective / Pursuits and Perspectives in Science Education / Scientoonics and Scientoons: A New Science and a Novel Educational Tool / E-resources in Chemistry: The New Destination for Chemistry Educators / Semesterisation of Undergraduate Level of Education in Non-technical Institutions: Its Impact on Higher Education / A Cost Effective Design of Variable Current Source for Electrochemical Experiments for Graduate Students / Teaching Undergraduate Physical Chemistry Course using Concept Maps / Understanding Photochemistry / Problem Solving Skills / Designing a Laboratory Course for Undergraduate Chemistry / Molecular Modeling: A Tool to Understand Coordination Chemistry Effectively / Role of Computational Chemistry in Chemistry Education / Modern Teaching Trends in Chemistry at Undergraduate Level / Inception of a Multifaceted M.Sc. Programme in Chemistry / Teaching Green Chemistry Principles using Case Studies / Card Game as an Active Learning Tool in Basic Chemistry Course / The Desirability of a Unified Teaching Strategy for Electronic Structure Calculations in Quantum Chemistry and Condensed Matter Physics / Making Chemistry Teaching Relevant / Reaction Mechanisms and Stereochemistry: A Detailed Analysis of the Mumbai University Undergraduate Syllabus / Author Index.


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