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Cryogenics: A Textbook
Author(s): S. S. Thipse

ISBN:    978-81-8487-171-5 
Publication Year:   2013
Pages:   552
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   744


About the book

CRYOGENICS: A Textbook covers lucidly various cryogenic applications including cryogenic engines and space and electronic applications. Importance of cryogenic engines in space propulsion, complete thermodynamic analysis of cryogenic systems with special emphasis on cryogenic cycles, Dewar vessels used to store cryogenic fluids and their applications in various industries have also been discussed in detail. Explanation of Superconductivity and its applications with a description of various Cryocoolers used in industry has also been provided with extensive details. Further technical information on cryogens has been specified alongwith the vacuum technology which has been sufficiently described with examples. Science of Cryonics has been elaborated and all aspects of technology related to functioning of cryogenic plants and their construction including valves, pipes has been incorporated in this book.

Key Features

  • Contains material pertaining to syllabi of major universities Simple lucid style of explanation Up-to-date with recent advances in cryogenics Abundance of solved problems Easily reproducible figures Student friendly hints Complete and thorough coverage of all topics in one place.

Table of Contents

Introduction to Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer / Introduction to Refrigeration and Basic Cycles / Basics of Cryogenics / Cryogenic Materials / Cryogenic Fluids / Liquefaction Cycles / Liquefaction Systems / Liquefaction Systems / Cryogenic Equipment / Gas Separation and Purification Systems / Gas Separation Systems / Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems / Cryogenic Refrigerators / Cryocoolers / Cryogenic Insulations / Cryogenic Instrumentation and Measurement / Cryogenic Storage and Transfer Systems / Vaccum Technology / Cryogenic Plant Design / Safety for Cryogenics Systems / Recent Advances in Cryogenics / Applications of Cryogenics - I: Industrial Liquefied Gases / Applications of Cryogenics - II: Biological and Medical Applications / Applications of Cryogenics - III: Propulsion and Space Applications / Applications of Cryogenics - IV: Food Storage / Applications of Cryogenics - V: Electronics and Computing Applications / Applications of Cryogenics - VI: Transport Alternative Fuel Applications (LNG/LH2), Liquid Natural Gas and Liquid Hydrogen Vehicles / Applications of Cryogenics - VII: Metallurgy Applications / Applications of Cryogenics - VIII: Power Generation and Waste Water Treatment / Annexures.


Undergraduate Postgraduate Students and Industry


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