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Electronic Design and Signal Processing
Editor(s): Kumar Shama, K.P. Nayak, Somashekara Bhat

ISBN:    978-81-8487-160-9 
E-ISBN:   E 978-81-8487-538-6
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   536
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   210mm x 290mm
Weight:   1615

About the book

Electronic Design and Signal Processing discusses in 97 chapters state-of-the-art on: Biomedical Biosensor, Bio-MEMS/NEMS Digital Watermarking Techniques Biometrics, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Computer Networks and Sensor Networks Embedded Systems Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic Network Security Digital Image Processing Signal Processing The book will be useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students, Researchers and Scientists.

Table of Contents

Preface / Biomedical: Healthcare Monitoring for Mobile Patients / A Neuro-Hardware for Epilepsy Classification using Modified Genetic Algorithm / Muscle Fatigue Analysis using ICA and Fractal Features / Rendering Medical Waveforms using Smart Phone / HRV Based ECG Classification / Low Power Continuous Time Common Mode Sensing for Common Mode Feedback Circuits / Wavelet Based ECG Component Detection for Arrhythmia Classification / Detection and Classification of Facial Components using Skin Color Segmentation and Svm / Functional Partitioning of Patient Monitoring Systems: A Design Approach and Proof-Of-Concept / Azurin Combats Breast Carcinoma Cells / Active Noise Cancellation of HVAC System Noise in Audiometric Test Rooms / Median Based Processing of Collision Data: A Method to Support Efficient Diagnosis of Concussion in Sports Athletes / Fight or Flight Control System for Drivers using ECG Signal / A Prototype for Non-Intrusive Respiratory Monitoring and Apnea Detection / Breast Cancer Classification using Committee Machines / Detection of QRS Complex for Diagnosis of Cardiac Diseases using Digital Signal Processing Techniques / Determination of Cardiac Arrhythmia(s) From ECG Recordings / On the Performance of Hirschman Optimal Transform Based LMS Algorithm for Cancellation of ECG Power Line Interference / Diagnosis Capability of Ultrasound B Mode, Elastography and Correlation Coefficient Images for the Diagnosis of Cystic Lesions – Feature Extraction for CAD System / A Wavelet Based Approach to Heart Sound Denoising and Feature Extraction / Multivariate Analysis and Channel Selection for Multichannel Multi Trial Invasive BCI Data / Biosensors, Bio-Mems/Nems: Optimization of Comb-drive Actuator using Neural Networks / Performance Analysis of 90nm UWB CMOS Low Noise Amplifier / Design of Bio-Sensor for Leukocyte Counts for Real Time Applications using Conducting Polymers and Nanocomposites / Pulsed Laser Induced Simultaneous Fluorescence and Photoacoustic Spectroscopic Studies of Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide (FAD) in Water / Raman and Sem Based Study of Low Threshold Field Emitting Nanocarbons / Integrated Microfluidic Lab-On-Chip Sensor Based on Fluoresence Detection / Comb Filter Based Approach for Prediction of Protein Coding Region / Design of Optical Network Components using Photonic Crystal Fibers / Development of Low Cost High Performance SSPA Module for Uplink Communications / Principles and Applications of Electrochemical Biosensors / Study of Ring Resonator Based Bio Sensor for Simultaneous Detection of Multiple Cancer Agents / Noise Analysis of MOEM Accelerometer / Border Security System using GSM Modem / Implementation of Virtual Reality Based Nano Domain Simulation An Hpc Setup / Digital Watermarking Techniques: Towards Better Visible Watermarking / Digital Watermarking of Image using Second Generation Wavelet Transforms / A Highly Fragile Watermarking Scheme for Exact Content Authentication of Digital Images / A Modified Compmark Technique for Blind Grayscale Logo Watermarking / Biometrics, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition: Comparison of Transform Based Features for Fingerprint Matching / Fingerprint Based Access Management for Integrated Hospital Information System and Electronic Health Record / Hybrid Approach for Handwritten Character Recognition using Structural and Transform Based Method [A-Z] / Multimodal Biometric Decision Fusion for Liveness Authentication/Anti-Spoofingengine / Design of a Biometric Identification and Verification System using Photoplethysmography and Statistical Analysis in Lab View / Computer Networks and Sensor Networks: An Efficient Routing Algorithm for An Injured Mesh Embedded Hypercube Interconnection Network / Design of E-Patch Microstrip Antenna for Various Wireless Communication Systems / Enhancement of the HPAV MAC Protocol By Implementation of the Constant Contention Window™ and the Adaptive Contention Window™ Algorithm / GNSS Application: Real Time Services Alert / Embedded Systems: Design of Web Server using Reconfigurable Soft Core Embedded Processor / Discrete Wavelet Transform Implementation on Tms320c6713 Processor for Epilepsy Detection / Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic: Carnatic Music Note Identification (CMNI) using DSP and Neural Network / Intelligent Diagnosis of Liver Diseases with GUI and Classifiers / Fuzzy Logic Based Speed Controller for Permanent Magnet DC Servomotor / Detection of Microcalcification in Mammographic Images using Wavelet and Artificial Neural Networks / Fuzzy Logic Based Image Noise Filtering / Network Security: Analysis of Key Distribution for Peer- to-Peer Secure Group Communication / A Detail Study of Cryptanalysis for Knapsack Cipher with CBC using Genetic Algorithm / Development & Implementation of Neural Cryptography using Stream Cipher Generation Algorithm / Design and Implementation of a Method to Merge Hierarchical Public Key Infrastructures to Reduce Certificate Verification Time / Discrete Logarithm Based Publicly Verifiable Secret Sharing Scheme / Digital Image Processing: Tissuequant Image Analysis Tool for Quantification of colors for Medical Research / Face Recognition using DCT Sign Only Classification / Image Processing – Identifcation of Dead Chicken to Prevent Disease / Customized Foot Orthosis Development By 3d Reconstruction of the Ct Images / Tumor Segmentation From Endoscopic Color Images Based on Normalized Cuts / A Novel Image Processing Strategy for the Detection of Lesion Area in Classic Choroidal Neovascularization / A Novel Color Reduction Algorithm for Digital Broadcasting Applications / Iris Image Recognition : A Classification Approach using Wavelet Transformation and Artificial Neural Networks / Image Segmentation and Classification of the MRI Images to Find the Abnormalities of the Brain for the Development of An Intelligent Diagnostic Imaging System / On the Robustness of Support Vector Machine Based Face Recognition / Region of Interest Based Compression of Medical Images using Wavelets / Automatic Localization of Spots and Extraction of Spot Intensities using Adaptable Shape Segmentation for DNA Microarray Images / Morphological Analysis of Colon Cancer Cell Treated with Aee788, a Dual Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor and/Or Celexoxib, a Cox-2 Specific Inhibitor- Image Processing Approach / Automatic Identification of Stereo Corresponding Points for 3D Bi-Planar Reconstruction of Scoliotic Spine / Colour Transformation in Images using Parallelised 2d Matrix Operations on Multicore / Genetic Algorithm Based Image Restoration using a New Constraineddeconvolution Me¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬thod / An Efficient Color and Texture Feature Based Image Retrieval Technique for Medical Images / Signal Processing: Real Time Wavelet Based Single Channel Speech Enhancement using Labview / Average Template Matching Technique for Dtw Based Speech Recognition Systems / Spectral Mismatch Estimation in Synthetic Speech / Non-Causal Simultaneous Autoregression Model Based Texture Synthesis / Automatic Segmentation of Syllables of Marathi Words using Maxnet / Usage of EMG in Identification of Gestures: Features Based on PCA and ICA / Poster Session: A Novel Approach for Design of Flash ADC using TIQ Based Comparator / Genetic Algorithm for Capacity Enhancement in Mobile Cellular Network for Healthcare Application / DSP Application for Detection of Voltage Sags and Swells in Real-Time Loads / Development of CBIR System using Efficient Histogram Algorithm and Eigen Analysis / Enhancement of the HPAV Mac Protocol by Implementation of Circularity™ and the Sort and Subtract™ Algorithm / Low Power Wireless Sensor Network Development Platform / A Multiscale Active Contour Transformation Based Toolbox for the Extraction of White Matter From Brain FMRI Images / False Alert Reduction in an Intrusion Detection System using Adaboost Algorithm / An Improved Reusable Component Architecture for ‘K’ Dimensional 4 Code Book VQ Encoder / H.264 Baseline Video Encoding using Tms320c6713 Digital Signal Processor / Railway Signalling System using Piezoelectric Energy Harvester and Accelerometers / Visual Display of the Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnostics) on a Computer Screen and Eventual Auto Diagnostics for the Same / Simulation and Mathamatical Modelling of a Novel Converter used for Solar Panel Tracker / A Hardware Model for Full Search Block Matching Algorithm in Video Encoding for Motion Estimation / Invited Talks: Bop Innovation @ Mu to Develop Cost Effective Healthcare Product and Services for Emerging Consumers / Experience with Novel Biomedical Engineering Curricula / An Automated Decision Support System for Diabetic Retinopathy Disease Based on Fundus Images / Physiological Measurement and Modeling of Dengue and Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever using Bioelectrical Impedance and Advanced Signal Processing Techniques / Research Issues Inlocation Based Services using Mobile Devices and Technologies / Analysis of Diabetic Foot Sole Soft Tissue By Image Signal Processing for Early Detection of Foot Sole Ulcers and Its Applications / Segmentation of Medical Images using Deformable Models / Thermal Image Analysis of the Skin Surface Centred on the Tip of the Nose for Respiration Monitoring / Development of Synchronized Braincomputer Interface (BCI) Model for Neurological Rehabilitation Applications / Effects of Non-Quasi-Static Behaviour of Mosfets in High Frequency GM-C Filters / Trends in Wearable Healthcare Systems / Health IC Transformation – Opportunities and Challenges / Bioinformatics – Research Issues and Challenges / Index.


Postgraduate Students, Researchers, Teachers and Professionals


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