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Linear Algebra Concepts and Applications
Author(s): Devendra Kumar

ISBN:    978-81-8487-150-0 
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   254
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   364


About the book

LINEAR ALGEBRA: Concepts and Applications covers important topics of Linear equations and matrices, Vector spaces, Linear transformations, Matrix analysis, Eigenvalues and eigenvectors and Inner product spaces. This book will help the reader work on the problems of Numerical Analysis, Operations Research, Differential Equations and Engineering applications.

Key Features

  • Unsolved problems just after relevant articles in the form of exercises Unsolved problems have been designed afresh and typical problems followed by suggestions. Objective type problems also included

Table of Contents

Preface / List of Symbols / Linear Equations and Matrices: Solution of Linear Equations / Matrix Inversion / Partition of Matrices / Minors and Rank of Matrices / Cofactor and Adjoint Matrix / Vector Spaces: Introduction / Subspaces / Span of a Set / Linear Dependence, Independence / Bases and Dimension / Sums of Subspaces / Linear Variety / Linear Transformations: Introduction / Range and Null Space / Rank and Nullity of Linear Maps / Inverse of a Linear Transformation / The Space L (U,V) / Composition of Linear Maps / Operator Equations / Matrix Analysis: Matrices Versus Linear Maps / Sums and Multiplication of Matrix / Rank and Nullity of a Matrix / Rank-Factorization and Basic Solutions / Special Types of Matrices / Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors: Introduction / Properties of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors / Diagonalization of Matrices / Cayley-Hamilton Theorem / Inner Product Spaces: Introduction / Norm / Orthogonality and Orthonormal Bases / Orthogonal and Unitary Matrices / Objective Type Questions / Bibliography / Answers / Index.


Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students, Researchers and Professionals


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