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Wheat: Productivity Enhancement Under Changing Climate
Editor(s): S.S. Singh, R.R. Hanchinal, Gyanendra Singh, R.K. Sharma, B.S. Tyagi, M.S. Sharan, Indu Sharma

ISBN:    978-81-8487-148-7 
Publication Year:   2012
Pages:   398
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   765

About the book

Wheat is the most widely grown and consumed cereal in the world and its demand is expected to grow due to increasing population, change in food habits in favour of wheat and nutritional requirements. Despite adverse effects of biotic and abiotic stresses, India harvested all time high wheat production of 85.93 million tons from 29.5 million hectare during 2010-11. To address the challenges of plateauing yield, anticipated threats and researchable issues, an International Group Meeting was organized during February 9-12, 2011. In this international event, renowned researchers of different disciplines representing wheat growing countries deliberated on various issues. The information encompasses various researchable areas, possible impact of climate change and future strategies to enhance wheat production on sustainable basis. This book will be very useful for the wheat researchers, students and policy makers for ensuring food and nutritional security at global level.

Table of Contents

Foreword / Preface / Research and Development Strategy to Produce 100 Million Metric Tons of Wheat in India by 2030 / Advances in Raising Yield Potential and Breeding Durable Rust Resistance in CIMMYT Spring Wheat Germplasm / National Efforts for Increasing Wheat Productivity / Emmer Wheat Improvement: Achievements and Future Challenges / Coordinated Efforts to Improve Wheat Productivity under Changing Climatic Conditions in India / Wheat Improvement for Soils Affected by Waterlogging, Salinity and Drought / Physiological and Genetic Interventions to Improve Salinity, Sodicity and Waterlogging Tolerance in Wheat / Wheat Breeding for Increasing Productivity in Eastern Gangetic Plains / Vibrancy of the Indian Wheat in Upholding Yield and Quality under Global Environmental Change / Utilizing Novel Genes from Alien and Wild Gene Pool through Pre-Breeding / Breeding for Heat Stress in Wheat / SNPs and Sequencing Based Genotyping for Wheat Molecular Breeding / Genomic Approaches for Wheat Productivity under Changing Climatic Conditions / Newer Approaches of Marker Development for Rust / Gene Pyramiding and Marker Assisted Selection for Rust Resistance Enhancement in Wheat / Marker Assisted Breeding for Attaining Durable Rust Resistance in Indian Wheat under Changing Climate / Marker Assisted Selection for Development of Drought and Heat Tolerant Bread Wheat / Wide Hybridization for Alien Gene Transfer and Haploid Induction in Wheat / Resource Conservation Technologies for the Productivity and Profitability / Mechanization for Resource Conservation in Wheat Production / Integrated Weed Management Strategies for Sustainable Wheat Production / Resource Management for Enhancing Wheat Productivity in Warmer Regions of India / Effect of Tillage and Nutrient Management on Wheat Yield and Quality in Rice-Wheat Rotation / Climate Change and Cereal Diseases in South Asia / Wheat Rust Pathotypes in Indian Subcontinent Then and Now / Epidemiology of Rusts and Puccinia Path in India: Present Status / Adult-Plant and Durable Rust Resistance in Indian Wheats / Virulence Reshuffling of Wheat Rust Pathogens in India and Strategies of Disease Management / Karnal Bunt Resistance in Wheat: Development and Analysis of Appropriate Host and Pathogen System / Bipolaris Sorokiniana Causing Spot Blotch Disease in Wheat and its Management in India / Detection of Genetic Variation among Fusarium Head Blight (head scab) and Karnal Bunt Pathogens of Wheat / Emerging Wheat Diseases of Warmer Region and Their Management / Management of Biotic Stresses-IPM and other Alterntive Means / Management of Stored Grain Pests of Wheat Through Modified Atmosphere / Breeding Bread Wheat for Diverse Food End-uses / Industrial and Nutritional Quality of Indian Wheat Vis--Vis Value Addition / Improvement of Processing and Nutritional Quality of Wheat: Molecular Approach / Breeding Progress and Genotype Environment Interaction for Zinc Concentration in CIMMYT Spring Wheat Germplasm / Wheat Research at INRA, France / Durable Rust Resistance in Wheat (DRRW): Mitigation of Ug99 through a Consortium Approach / Emerging Findings in Wheat to Meet Challenges Caused by Spot Blotch and Terminal Heat Stress in Eastern Parts of South Asia / An Overview on Wheat Status in Iran.


Postgraduate Students, Librarians and Researchers


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