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Mechanical Engineering: Emerging Vistas
Editor(s): B. D. Gupta, R. K. Updhayay, R. P. Sinha, Jagvir Singh

ISBN:    978-81-8487-141-8 
Publication Year:   2011
Pages:   482
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   210mm x 280mm
Weight:   1320

About the book

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING: Emerging Vistas discusses the recent developments in the ever-expanding areas of Mechanical Engineering viz. Material and Composites, Advanced Manufacturing Process, Computer Aided Design and Analysis, Ergonomics, Alternative Energy Sources and Thermal Engineering are opening up new vistas of venture and exploration. The studies included in this volume brew with Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems, Aerospace Engineering, Bio-Engineering and Energy which are multidisciplinary fields that hold enormous opportunities for Mechanical Engineers. Finite Element Methods, Human Body Vibration, Soft Computing Techniques like Fuzzy Decision Theory; Artificial Neural Network etc. make this volume a good exposition of knowledge. It is hoped that this will help young research and academics to adopt a holistic and sustainable approach to the development of modern world of which we are an integral part.

Table of Contents

Preface / Experimental Study of Friction Stir Processing (FSP) and its Effect on Microstructure and Hardness of Al6061 Plates / Rapid prototyping technologies, applicatons and part deposition planning / Performance evaluation of domestic refrigertor using different refrigerants / Appreciation of various technologies for the development of parachute system / Modeling of equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) with finite element method / Ant colony optimization for grouping problem of CMS under FMS / Deformation mechanism of thin target on normal impact of the blunt nosed cylindrical projectile / Aerodynamic analysis of combat search and rescue (CSAR) basket using CFD / Finite element modeling of cold rolling process / Three variable fuzzy time series model for predicting energy demand in India / Virtual prototyping of 2000 m3 aerostat / Finite element analysis of excavator arm links / Analysis of thin-walled structured beams using LS-DYNA and FE modeling techniques / Factors affecting wave propagation speed in hyper concentrated slurry flow carrying solid particles / Strategic planning of production system of a small industrial unit using fuzzy cognitive map / The finite element modelling and analysis of square plate using Abaqus / Analysis of hand transmitted vibration through steering of tractor / Barriers to geothermal energy development / Effect of vibration on tractor driver under different surface conditions / Effect of wind speed on daily yield of a solar still operated at indoor and outdoor conditions / Information technology management in supply chain / Performance of electric shock absorber / Recommended weight limit of school bag to mitigate lower back injury / Solar photovoltaic automatic peak power tracker by using perturb and observe / Turnaround planning for finding optimum maintenance time in steel rolling mill / Variation reduction via Taguchi Technique “A case study of quality” / Waste management programme in a process industry / Performance measurement system: Some issues and gaps / Biodiesel production for sustainable development and Indian perspective / BPR, innovation and people management: A creative approach / Design features and limitations of electromagnetic regenerative shock absorbers / Impact of green-house gas on environment during growth and use of transesterified Karanja oil / Two dimensional static human modeling during manual material handling task / Dynamic system modeling of stock market volatility via fuzzy and Neuro fuzzy approach: Real Impact of economic indicators in Indian stock market / TQM impact on corporate performance review and findings / CNT: Strength behind composite / Experimental investigations of mechanical properties of alumina particle reinforced in metal matrix composite of Aluminum / Mechanical properties of dissimilar joints / Shape memory alloys / Synthesis of silver nanoparticles by natural polysaccharide — Gaur gum and their characterization / Variation of mechanical properties, Al (6063/ Al203p), metal matrix composite produced by stir casting / Wear behavior of polypropylene and its composites / Analysis of process variable on Wire-EDM / Application of SMED for setup reduction time of slitters (steel industry) in Indian conditions / Casting of SiC reinforced metal matrix composites: A review / Comparative evaluation of flame temperature on experimental and theoretical basis of LDO fired rotary furnace / Comparative study of different electrode materials in a dielectric medium (Castrol oil) / Diagnosing major policy initiatives for quality assurance in small scale industries through directed acyclic graph (DAG) / Effect of burner shapes and rotational speed on the performance of a modified rotary turnace for small scale ferrous foundries using bio-fuels and their blends / Effects of Process Parameters on EWR during Production through Electro Discharge Machining / Estimation of optimal cutting parameters for minimum surface roughness in tangential turn-milling process using differential evolution algorithm / Experimental analysis on MRR for Brass CZ131 in electrochemical machining / Parametric analysis of electrochemical machining using Taguchi method / Root cause failure analysis of gears / Study of initial die design system for die casting process / Study of MRR in drilling in EDM / Study of wear analysis of poplar wood and its polyacrylonitrite composites / To analyze the impact strength of weld joint through electric arc welding using design of experiment / Perspectives and requirements for manufacturing flexibility / Quality management and lean manufacturing integrated system / Current research trends in electric discharge machining: A review / Resent trends in automotive suspension / Experimental investigation into the electrical discharge machining of Nickel based super alloy (INCONEL- 600) / Electroless copper plating of Silicon Carbide for Cu/SiCp metal matrix composite / Surface roughness optimization in turning operation based on Taguchi design of experiment / Study and comparative analysis of unconventional manufacturing processes / Optimization and analysis of welding operation parameters for achieving the highest weld — Strength by using Taguchi design of experiment / Comparative performance analysis of a diesel engine using JOME, KOME and MOME blends / Measuring energy efficiency using DEA: The case of thermal power plant / Operation and development of small hydropower plant / Simulation of a combined cycle (power and refrigeration) operated by a solar heat source / Study of thermal properties of babool wood and its polyacrylonitrite composites / Performance analysis of domestic refrigerator using different refrigerant / Production of bio-fuel oil from algae in Agra region / Screening and characterization of Chlorella for its potential to produce biodiesel / Performance evaluation of eco-friendly transesterified non-edible oil in C.I. engine / Optimization of solar water heater for VBH hostel at NIT Hamirpur / Automatic railway gate opening / Biomass as a non-conventional energy resource / Green manufacturing / Green manufacturing / Harmonisation of saarc standard / Nanotechnology: A recentapplications in mems / Self healing materials / Use of smart materials for society / Eco industrial park: A foundation for the development of indianindustries / Design of electromagnetic suspension system ¬¬— A review / Solar powered air conditioner — An approach to utilize the solar energy / Study of combustion of soybean oil in a diesel engine.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students and Researchers


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