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Knowledge Engineering
Editor(s): S.C. Mehrotra, Ratnadeep R. Deshmukh, Sachin N. Deshmukh, Ramesh R. Manza

ISBN:    978-81-8487-123-4 
Publication Year:   2011
Pages:   328
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   210mm x 297mm
Weight:   1150

About the book

KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING (KE) and data mining are areas of common interest to researchers in AI, Pattern Recognition, Statistics, Databases, Knowledge Acquisition, Data Visualization, high performance computing, and expert systems. This book is divided in to seven major parts. Part one has focused on document and multi-document reconstruction and summarization, Medical Imaging, Opinion Mining, PCA & LDA, Cross co-relation and phase based matching. Whereas the Part two covers application areas of Data Mining like Data Cleaning, Weather forecasting and Web Mining. Part three covers HCI, ECG, Direct Manipulation Interface, Face Recognition in crowd, Gesture recognition for Mobile, Chaotic dynamics, epilepsy and Alzheimer's diagnosis, CAL, Devanagri character recognition and Speech Databases. Web Mining related areas like Clustering, Web usage Mining, Web log analysis, BI, Web indexing, Crawlers and Link Mining are covered in part four. The algorithms of Data Mining related to Decision Trees, Association Rules and Tries base Apriori algorithm, Decision support and GIS are covered in Part five. The sixth number part covers aspects of Security like density based approach, intrusion detection in Oracle, unbalanced datasets and dark block extraction. The last part number seven contains the other allied areas of Data Mining for the applications like customer review, SOA-Governance & planning, Mobile Ad-Hoc networks, KE Framework for technical education institutes, time series analysis, extraction of genetic features, KD in Agriculture crop production, Earthquake prediction and Credit Card fraud detection.

Table of Contents

Preface / Part I: Data Mining-Image Processing - Torn Document Reconstruction: A Review / Text Document Summarization Comparison, Using Query Dependent Clustering Techniques / Study and Evaluation of Multi-document Summarization Approaches: A Peer Review / A Novel Approach for Super Resolution Image Restoration in Medical Imagine / Opinion Mining: A study on automated text based emotion prediction / Comparative Study of Face Recognition Methods: PCA and LDA / Face Recognition with Principal Component Analysis and Cross-Correlation Techniques / Iris Biometric for Person Identification using Phase-Based Image Matching / Part II: Data Mining Applications - Data Cleaning: Current Approaches and Issues / Characterization of Models for Application of Data Mining to University Databases / Distributed Database for Weather through Tini Microcontroller / Use of Search Engine Result Count for Similarity, Duplicate and Substitution Detection in Web Mining: A Survey / Part III: Biometrics and Human Computer Interactions - Non-invasive Brain Computer Interface Application using Electroencephalograph Signal Analysis / A Cognitive Account of Direct Manipulation Interfaces / Recent Advances for Recognition of Faces in the Crowd / Surround Sense Hand Gestures for Mobile Device / Modeling of Chaotic Dynamics in Social Systems / Diagnosis of Epilepsy and Alzheimer's Diseases using EEG A Clinical Review / Human-Computer Interaction in Computer Aided Learning / Diverse Classifier for Face Recognition / A Comparative Study using Wavelet and SVM for Devanagri Characters Recognition / Designing and Development of Speech Database The Technical Review / Part IV: Web Mining - Automatic Clustering and User Profiling of Web Users Using Web Usage mining Techniques and Its Comparative Study / Design an Algorithm for Weblogs Analysis: An Application of Business Intelligence / Web Index Recommendations / Freshness Tuning in Focused Crawler / Link Mining: A Grand Challenge of Data Mining / Part V: Data Mining Algorithm - Design of Student Classification Algorithm Using Decision Tree / Efficient Mining of Association Rules Using Linked List and Tries Based Apriori Algorithm / Data Mining and Decision Support / Assessing Water Pollutants using GIS based Data Analysis / The Evolution of the Association Rules / Case Representation and Retrieval for Statistical Process Control / Part VI: Security - Density Based Approach for Discovering Intruders (Securing Database) / Data Mining-Based Intrusion Detection Systems in Oracle Database 10g / DRIVE BY EYE : An Intuitive Approach Towards Providing Enhanced Security In Computers / Cluster the Unlabeled Datasets using Extended Dark Block Extraction / Part VI: Other Allied Topics - Opinion Mining of Customer Reviews / SOA Governance & Planning / Data Management Framework in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks / Developing Knowledge Engineering Framework for a Technical Higher Education Institute / Knowledge-Based Simulation of Digital Transmission Lines: A Data Analysis Approach to Study Transmission line Behavior / Predicting the data congestion through historical points with the innovation of clustering in seconds based time series analysis / Extraction of Genetic Features using Speech Recognition / Knowledge Discovery in Agriculture Crop Production / A Review paper on Data mining: A Tool for Earthquake prediction / Comparative study of Credit Card Fraud Detection using HMM and Neural Network / Author Index.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students in Computer Science


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