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Advances in Mathematics: Scientific Developments and Engineering Applications
Editor(s): S. Lakshmi, T. Chandrakalarani

ISBN:    978-81-8487-074-9 
Publication Year:   2010
Pages:   570
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   1325

About the book

Basic sciences are the roots of applied sciences. Mathematics explores the universe by certain laws. Further advances in Mathematics would be imminent for the world to understand the beautiful universe it is the part of in a better way. Mathematics is the subject that is capable to contribute to every aspect of life. We cannot move a single inch without the governance of Mathematics. Mathematics is not only set to make our world more interesting to live, but it can show its potential to transform the whole universe more lively and beautiful for us. An understanding of the Scientific Developments and Engineering Applications of Mathematics are to know how this discipline can contribute to technology to scale new heights

Table of Contents

Preface / An Interesting Diophantine Problem / A Bivariate Survival Model for the Effect of Stress on Dopamine Levels / A Stochastic Model for the Study of Wastage in Manpower Planning / Stochastic Model for the Cost of Adaptation Due to Acute Stress, Cortisol / Study on Web Server Queue / Mathematical Model for the Secretion of Epinephrine Level During the Period of Overtime / On Fuzzy End Nodes and Some Sequences of Fuzzy Graph / A New Shock Model for the Locomotor Activity Due to Lacking Histamine Hi Receptor / Single Server Vacation Queue / Time Course of HPA Axis During Treatment with Reboxetine and Mitrazapine by Two Mixed Weibull Distributions / Risk of Construction Project with Fuzzy Characteristics / The Mathematical Model for the Role of 5-HT 1A Receptors in the Behavioral Responsed Associated with Innate Fear / Maximal Bipartite Fuzzy Graph Algorithm / A Stochastic Model to Find Adaptation Time to Stress Subject to the Changes in Epinephrine / Shock Models and its Applications in System Reliability / Hybrid Intelligent Algorithm with Fuzzy Bidding Engineering Quantities / Weibull Inverse Power Law Model for Stress Induced Dopamine / Time to Breakdown Point on the Organization Shock Model Approach / Hazard Rate Average of A Function using Shock Models / Life Distributions / Impact of Ekalux (Quinalphos, 25%) on the Blood Serum Enzyme of Fresh Water Fish Oreochromis Mossambicus (Peters) / A Mathematical Model in Physiological Behavioral Science / Integral Solutions of z2 = (2k + 1) x2 + y2 / Genetic Algorithm Approach of Minimizing Waiting Times in Railway Networks / Similar Congruent Number of Orders 3 / Observations on the Cubic Equation with Four Unknowns x2 – y2 = z3 + w3 / Proof Theory for Computer Science / Applications of Advanced Fuzzy Logic Techniques in Fuzzy Image Processing Scheme / Integral Solutions of xy +x + y + 1 = z2 –w2 / Evaluation of Prevalence of TB Epidemic in Six PHC Regions in and around Thanjavur-2008 using Stochastic Process / Inherent Nature of Energy Transformation (A Mathematical Approach) / On Lattices of Fuzzy Sets / Free Algebras in Varieties of Stonean Residuated Lattices / Applications of the Stochastic processes in Financial Markets / Two-Dimensional Laminar MHD Boundary Layer Flow Past a Wedge with Slip Velocity / A Pair of Lower and Upper Solutions of an Initial Value Problem / A New Experiment with there Logistic Function / Stochastic Convergence / On A Class of Univalent Functions / A Stochastic Model for the Expected Time to Recruitment in Two Graded Manpower System with Constant Combined Thresholds / The Co-Edge Independent Domination Number of A Graph / Mathematics as Language of Physics / Research on the Priority Method of Interval Fuzzy Preference Relation / Application of Death Processes on Whooping Cough / Fuzzy Congruence in Groups / Integral Points on the Hyperbola x2 – 6xy + y2 + 6x – 2y + 5 = 0 / Statistical Analysis of Spectrographic and Ultrasonic Parameters of Phenols and Sugar Alcohol Solutions / A New Algorithm for Segmentation and its Application / Comparison of Inventory and Price Equilibrium Models in Storage Problem / Chemical Analysis of Molecular Interaction in Binary Liquid Mixtures and Inference Through Anova Methods / Relational Properties of Fuzzy Detour ΅ - Distance in Fuzzy Graphs / A Derivation of Differential Equation for the Hypergeometric Function / Fuzzy Cognitive Maps in Socio – Economic Problems / Fuzzy Almighty / A Simple and Short Proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem / Neutral Difference Equation / Characterization of Stochastic Processes by Stochastic Integrals / Stochastic Models in Manpower Planning / Some Classes of Trees Known to be Graceful – A Survey / On A Class of Multivalent Functions with Negative Coefficients Defined using Convolution of Analysis Functions / Mathematical t- Norm based Predicate Logic / Fuzzy Number – Imprecise Aspects of Real World Problems / Optimal Periodic Replacement for a System Subject to Small Reparable Breakdowns / On the Distance Graphs of Metric Space with Resenbloom – Tsfasman Metric / Achromatic and Harmonious Colouring of Complete Graphs / A Subclass on ?-Quasi-Convex Functions with Respect to Symmetric Points / Weibull – Related Lifetime Models for the Effect of Orexin – A and – B on the Histamine Release / A Study on Various Web Crawler Algorithms / An Introduction to String Recognition in Finite State Automation / Use on Non-Linear Dynamic Measure in Time Series Analysis / ΅ - Bounded Sequence Spaces / Pellian Triplets / Face Liveness Authentication/Anti-Spoofing Engine using Morphological Shared Weight Neural Network.


Undergraduate Students, Teachers and Researchers


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