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Mathematical Modelling, Optimization and their Applications
Editor(s): P.C. Jha, M.N. Hoda

ISBN:    978-81-8487-067-1 
Publication Year:   2011
Pages:   380
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   850

About the book

Modelling and Optimization are the key tools for scientific analysis of real life systems. In the present scenario, the applications of modeling and optimization for the study of business and market system provide advantages over the competitors, where cutting age and successive innovative technologies in products and services are ever changing due to information and communication technology revolution. These competitive advantages for products and services are possible by developing knowledge base through scientific analysis of the market. Since modeling and optimization theories find their applications in every sphere of disciplines such as finance, marketing, information and communication technology, data mining, environment, life sciences to name a few. This book is useful for beginners as well as practitioners of business and industry, research laboratory and academics.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgement / Profit Maximization Policy for Manufacturers in a Supply Chain Management System / Optimal Release Policy for a Discrete Flexible Model Incorporating the Effect of Fault Removal Efficiency under Fuzzy Environment / Inventory Decisions for Deteriorating Items with Variable Carrying Cost under Inflationary Conditions / Effect of Inflation on a Production Model / Semantic Web Enabled Resource Scheduler: A Case Study for Scheduling Academic Events / Multimodal Biometric Authentication System: A Comparative Study of Classifier Fusion / Bi-Criteria Optimal Component Selection for Fault tolerance COTS Based Software System under Recovery Block Scheme / Robustness Studies on Statistically Distributed Watermarked Images / User Satisfaction Based Measurement Model for Quality of Service and Fairness / Role of Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes in Progression of HIV / Distributed Database with Implicit Registration and 2-Level Pointer Strategy for Location Management in PCS Network / Second Order Symmetric Duality for Multiobjective Programming using Cone Convexity / On the Effect of Marketing Variables on Innovation Diffusion Process / Mean and Variance Model for Transportation Problem of Stochastic Fractional Programming / Generalization of Trapezoidal Vague Set and its use for Analyzing the Fuzzy System Reliability / Reliability Estimation of Wireless Sensor Networks using Fuzzy Logic / Propagation Analysis of Data-Errors using Control Flow Diagram / An Attempt to Motivate IT Organizations Towards Meditation for Systematic Reuse / Probabilistic Load Flow Computation using Methods of Moments / Performance Evaluation of Software Reliability and Quality of Web Based System / Dynamic Testing Resource Allocation of Modular Software System for Exponential SRGM / On Retrial Single Server Queue with Reneging and Finite Orbit Size / A Mathematical Model for the Dynamics of Two Harvesting Species / A Comparison of Three Stochastic Algorithms for Solving Global Optimization Problems / Optimization of Constraint Engineering Design Problems using Particle Swarm Optimization / Considering Imperfect Debugging and Change-Point Concept in Discrete Software Reliability in Distributed Environment / Optimal Control Advertising Problem for a New Product in a Segmented Market with Repeat Purchasing / A Case Study on Uncertainty Analysis of Fuzzy Parameters using Fuzzy Fault Tree / A Primal Like Algorithm for Extreme Point Fuzzy Mathematical Programming Problem / Some Measures of Fuzzy Entropy and their Properties / Applications of Maximum Entropy Principle for Approximating a Given Probability Distribution / A Mathematical Model for Coexistence of Bacteria and Bacteriophage / Computational Grid and Reliability / Incorporating Freight Cost in Multi-Item Quantity Discount EOQ Model / Probabilistic Modeling in Information Retrieval / Particle Swarm Optimization / Embedding the Concept of Change Point in Testing-Domain Based Software Reliability Growth Models / On Discrete Software Reliability Growth Modelling with Two types of Imperfect Debugging / Considering Imperfect Debugging and Change-Point concept in Discrete Software Reliability with Multiple Failure Types / Comparative Performance Analysis of Routing Protocol in Manets / Multi-Criteria Optimization for Strategic Decisions of Supply Chain A Fuzzy Programming Approach / Bi-Criteria Testing Effort Allocation Problem under Two Types of Imperfect Debugging / Sub-Optimal Solution to Vertex Cover Problem / Reliability Analysis of N-policy, K-out-of-N:G Machining System.


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