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Cryptography, Automata and Learning Theory
Editor(s): D. Gnanaraj Thomas, P. Abisha Jeyanthi

ISBN:    978-81-8487-049-7 
E-ISBN:   E 978-81-8487-528-7
Publication Year:   2011
Pages:   300
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   680

About the book

Cryptography is the art and science of ensuring secrecy and security of data. On the other hand, learning theory deals with inferring an unknown concept with partial information. Applications of automata and formal languages in the fields of cryptography and learning theory are of current interest and research. The book on Cryptography, Automata and Learning Theory focuses on the recent trends on these three main areas of research which have strong theoretical foundation with more practical applications.

Table of Contents

Foreword / Preface / DNA Computing / RSA Cryptanalysis with Increased Bounds on the Secret Exponent using Less lattice Dimension / Public Key Cryptosystems based on Word Problems / Topologies on Formal Languages / Inference of Tree Grammars using a Pattern Automaton / Some Learning Algorithms based on Fourier Analysis / Watson-Crick Automata and Context-free Languages / Learning Context-free Languages / Symmetric Key Cryptosystems based on Shuffle and Deletion on Trajectories / Some Polly Cracker Public Key Cryptosystems / Applications of L-systems / Tiling Pattern using Pasting Schemes / Splicing Pure Context-free Array Grammar Systems / Splicing P System with Conditional Communication / Learning of Bi-? Languages from Factors / Combinatorics of Subsequences of Finite Words / Parallel Communicating NCE Graph Grammar with Parsability / Graph Grammars for Prefix Recognizable Graphs / A Subclass of Local Languages / Balanced Arrays / Complexity Study of Triangular Arrays / Parallel Communicating Watson-Crick ?-automata System / Ambiguity in Hexagonal Array Contextual Grammars / Note on Unlabeled Finite Graphs: Languages and Classification Reconstruction of Binary Images from Sparse Projections / Learning Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems / Learning 2D Monogenic Pure Context-free Picture Grammars / Reconstruction of 3D-rectangular Array / Organizing Committee / Author Index.


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