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Mathematical and Computational Models: Recent Trends
Editor(s): R. Nadarajan, G. A. Vijayalakshmi Pai, G. Sai Sundara Krishnan

ISBN:    978-81-8487-042-8 
E-ISBN:   E 978-81-8487-308-5
Publication Year:   2010
Pages:   472
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   1080

About the book

With solutions to problems turning cross-disciplinary, researchers and scientists have begun to look for mathematical or computational models or their hybrid combinations, that can serve to yield efficient solutions to the problems concerned. Mathematical and Computational Models presents state-of-the-art discussions on solutions to various problems spanning the disciplines of Stochastic methods and Optimization techniques, Graph Theory, Cryptography and Security in computing, Computational intelligence, Data mining and Machine learning.

Table of Contents

Preface / Acknowledgements / Stochastic Models and Optimization Techniques – A Discrete-time Queueing Model with Abandonments / An Analysis and Design of a Hidden Markov Model for Production Management / On Numerical Solution of Stochastic Delay Differential Equations with Markovian Switching and Poisson Jump / M/M/1 Retrial Queueing System with Pre-emptive Priority Service and Single Vacation-Bernoulli Schedule Type / Economic Order Quantity Models for Deteriorating Items with Shortages and Partial Backlogging Under Stock-dependent Demand and Time Discounting / A Stochastic Model for the Expected Time to Recruitment in a Single Graded Manpower System with Two Types of Thresholds and Correlated Inter-decision Times / M/M/1 Retrial Queueing System with Priority Service by Matrix Geometric Method / M/M/1 Queueing System with Breakdown and Repair of Service Under Erlang Type Service by Matrix Geometric Method / M/M/1 Queueing Model with Controllabe Arrival Rates Having Two Types of Services / M/M/1 Queue with Working Vacation / Minimization of Lateness Cost Function in N-Jobs, 3-Machines Sequencing Problem / Heat Transfer Effect on a Dusty Flow Past an Impulsively Started Vertical Plate / Closed Form Analytic Solution of the General Bulk Service Queueing Model M/M (A,B)/1 under Working Vacation / Wavelet Method for Numerical Solution of Convection-diffusion Equation / An EOQ Inventory Model with Deteriorating Items and Storage-time Dependent Holding Cost / An Application of Baum Welch Algorithm in an Optimized Hidden Markov Model / Machine Learning – On Human Trajectory Formation: Experimental Observations and Mathematical Models / PCA based Face Recognition using Quad Tree Decomposition / Development of a Prediction Model for Surface Roughness in Finish Turning of Alloy Steel / Mathematical Model for Fault Diagnosis and Control of Batch Process using Timed Petri Nets / Identification of Coherent Generators and Dynamic Equivalent Construction for Multi-machine Power System / Agile based Pair Programming in the Learning Environment with Different Degrees of Complexity – an Empirical Study / Recognizability of Polyhexes / Gradual Tree Automata, Trees and ?-Trees / Analysis of Dual Tree Complex Discrete Wavelet Transform for Video Coding / On a Subclass of Context Free Grammars / A Comparative Study on K-Medoids Constraint based Clustering Algorithms on Spatial Data / Credibilistic ISODATA Algorithm / An Enhanced k-means Algorithm for High Dimensional Data Clustering / Service Type based Cache Replacement Policy for Location Dependent Data in Mobile Environments / Graph Theory and Applications – A Survey of Properties and Models of On-line Social Networks / A New Direction in Hamiltonian Theory / An Optimal Algorithm for Computing All-pairs Shortest-Distance Problem on Weighted Strongly Chordal Graphs / On Equitable Coloring of Wheel Graph Families / Harmonious Colouring of Central Graphs of Yn, Tn,2, Mn / The b-chromatic Colouring of L(Wn), L(Gn), L(Hn) and L(Bm,n) / Dynamic Star Coloring of Graphs / The Twisted Graphs / Harmonious Colouring of L(Hn) and L(Gn) / On Achromatic Colouring of L(Wn), L(Gn) and L(Hn) / Star Coloring and Equitable Coloring on Star and Double Star Graph Families / Community Detection in the Networks using Greedy Approach / Computational Intelligence – Finding Multiple Solutions to Unconstrained Optimization Problems using Particle Swarm Optimization / Solving BM/C3 Problem using Biologically Inspired Algorithms / Performance and Scalability Analysis of Differential Evolution Variants on a Suite of High Dimensional Benchmark Functions / Genetic Algorithm based Heuristic Approach to Supply Chain Inventory Optimization / Classification of Bioinformatics Data using very few Features / A Novel Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Task Scheduling in Computational Grid / Multiple MLP Classifiers for Handwritten Malayalam Character Recognition / Maintenance Planning Optimization for Process Industry – A Heuristic Approach / Algebra and Topology – Modular and Classic Ideals of Directed below Join Semilattice / On strongly ?-?-open Sets and a new Mapping / On ?-?-open Sets in Topological Spaces / Partial Ordering on C-Algebra / On Quasi ???-open Functions / Information Systems Security – Sum Hypergraph based Access Structure for Secret Sharing Schemes using CRT / Data Encryption and Decryption Based on Matrix Ciphers and Visual Cryptography / State of Art in Attack on Substitution Ciphers using Genetic Algorithm / Color Space Transformation Using Cryptography and Steganography / Survey of Attack on Knapsack Cipher in Cryptography sing Genetic Algorithm / Information Hinding using Steganography by Genetic Algorithm / FTP based Efficient Keylogging Detection / Image Processing – A Note on Ant Colony Optimization for Image Edge Detection using under Water Images / Multi Stage Binarization and Skeleton Pruning in Character Images / On Color Image Segmentation and Smoothing by Non-linear Diffusion / Solving Tracking Issues using Object Classifiers and Inter Frame Displacements / Authors Index.


Undergraduate–Postgraduate Students, Scientists & Researchers


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