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Pressure Vessels and Piping: Volume IV: Inspection and Life Management
Editor(s): Baldevraj, B. K. Choudhary, Anish Kumar

ISBN:    978-81-8487-003-9 
Publication Year:   2009
Pages:   404
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   950

About the book

Safe, robust and economic operation of pressure vessels and piping is ensured through comprehensive pre-service quality assurance, in-service inspection and application of appropriate remaining life assessment (RLA) procedures. The recent developments in non-destructive techniques for characterization of defects and microstructures, and assessment of in-service degradation such as embrittlement, fatigue and creep damages in engineering materials and components are presented through several original contributions in the book on Pressure Vessels and Piping: Inspection and Life Management. Application of miniature specimen test techniques and various risk assessment procedures adopted for remaining life assessment of pressurised components in various chemical, petrochemical, nuclear and other power industries form important parts of the book. The book is a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration to students, researchers, scientists, engineers, plant personnel and technology managers.

Table of Contents

Preface / Foreword / Non-destructive testing of pressurised components A quantitative approach / Sampling phased array: A new method of signal processing and image reconstruction in ultrasonic non-destructive testing / Inspection systems with phase-controlled electromagnetic acoustic transducer antennas for the ultrasonic long range inspection / Detection of hidden stress corrosion cracking in refinery pipelines using ultrasonic circumferential guided waves / Pressure vessel inspection according to ASME code case 2235-6 / Phased array ultrasonics for detection of cracks in pipes and elbows / Fatigue crack growth measurements using ultrasonic and ACPD techniques for stainless steel pipes / In-service inspection of the steam generators of a nuclear power plant / Simulation of influence of sodium deposits on remote field eddy current testing of steam generator tubes using a test vessel / Finite element simulation of SQUID-based eddy current non-destructive evaluation of cylindrical tubes / New scintillation systems for non-destructive control application / Non-destructive evaluation techniques for assessment of microstructures and defects and ensuring structural integrity of pressurised components / Assessment of in-service degradation and qualification of rejuvenation heat treatment of wrought Inconel 625 cracker tubes of heavy water plants using ultrasonic measurements / Hydrogen-induced damage in zirconium alloys used in nuclear power reactors / X-ray diffraction for microstructural characterization, residual stress measurement and damage assessment in engineering components / Magnetic Barkhausen emission studies on 2.25Cr-1Mo steel after tensile and creep deformation / Magnetic evaluation of creep and ageing behaviour of modified 9Cr-1Mo steel / Magnetic investigation of creep and thermal shock fatigue processes / Assessment of equipment lifetime using the metal magnetic memory method / Detection of crack initiation in steels by ASTM E 1820 criteria vis--vis acoustic emission technique / Determination of fatigue crack closure in 316 (N) weld CT specimens using crack mouth opening displacement and acoustic emission techniques / Revealing, identifying, assessing and monitoring flaws in water cooling system of operating boiling water reactors by quantitative acoustic emission NDI method / Revealing and assessment of age related degradation and industrial flaws in high energy piping and headers of fossil power plants by quantitative acoustic emission non-destructive method / Determination of long-term material properties degradation using small specimen testing / Measurement of tensile and fracture toughness properties using small punch test / Miniature specimen technique as a NDT tool for estimation of service life of operating pressure equipment / Assessment of ageing of pressure tubes in pressurised heavy water reactors / Improved field metallography and replication for creep pores counting and life prediction of aged high temperature pressure parts of boilers / Remaining life assessment of radiant coils of hydro cracker of petrochemical industries / Ageing management of reactor pressure vessel of light water reactors / Residual life assessment of pressure vessel of tarapur atomic power station / Three decades of experience in monitoring the integrity of stainless steel piping through in-service inspection at Tarapur Atomic Power Station / Fracture mechanics based remaining life prediction of stiffened panels / Risk-based asset management in heat recovery steam generators / Aspects of probabilistic risk assessment and remaining life prediction for pipelines under long-term pitting corrosion / Ageing management system DIALIFE / Ageing assessment of pressure components of heavy water plants / Managing paradox of efficiency enhancement and life extension in fired pressure vessels in the power plants / Remnant life assessment study and life extension programme on boilers and piping / Satisfying NDT personnel requirements of the European pressure equipment directive (97/23/EC) / About the Editors / Authors Index / Subject Index.


Students, Researchers, Scientists, Engineers in Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering, Plant Personnel and Technology Managers


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