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Pressure Vessels and Piping: Volume III: Manufacturing and Performance
Editor(s): Baldevraj, B. K. Choudhary, Shaju K. Albert

ISBN:    978-81-8487-002-2 
Publication Year:   2009
Pages:   494
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   1120

About the book

The sound manufacturing and fabrication practices along with advanced performance evaluation methods are integral parts of healthy pressure vessel and piping industry. There is a strong incentive to adopt advanced manufacturing and fabrication technologies that not only reduce the cost and environmental damage, but also improve safety and reliable operation. This volume of Pressure Vessels and Piping: Manufacturing and Performance covers present status and current trends in manufacturing and fabrication such as metal forming, welding and allied processes, testing and performance evaluation of material and components, development of welding consumables for advanced materials, failure analysis of pressure vessel components, repair and refurbishment. The book also includes field experiences, through several original contributions, from the authors belonging to different sectors like thermal and nuclear power plants, petroleum and chemical processing plants, and fabrication industries. This book will be a valuable source of knowledge and inspiration to students, researchers, scientists, engineers, manufacturing and plant personnel, and technology managers.

Table of Contents

Foreword / Preface / Explosion welded clad, use and manufacturing / Microstructure driven thermomechanical process design for optimum product properties / Hot deformation characteristics of 0.3C-CrMoV (ESR) steel / Process modelling for near-net-shape manufacturing of petals for large size vessels of fast breeder reactor and experimental validation / Investigation of defect in rolled ring of aluminum alloy AA2014 / Challenges in piping engineering for fast reactor spent fuel reprocessing / Specification requirements for pressure vessel steel plates under sour service conditions / Orbital welding for process plant piping - experiences at site / Qualification, repair, refurbishment and replacement of nuclear piping/components at Tarapur atomic power station / Establishment of welding procedure for butt joint of P91 pipes using submerged arc welding process / Use of pipe-work dampers to reduce piping vibrations / Feasibility of using laser beam heating to desensitise austenitic stainless steel pipe materials / Joining of dissimilar steels for high temperature service / Development of shielded metal arc welding consumables for grade 91 steel with specified toughness and RTNDT requirements / Evaluation of dissimilar joint between 304L(N) austenitic and 403 martensitic stainless steels / Residual stresses measurement by neutron diffraction and theoretical estimation in a single weld bead / Development of consumables dedicated to the welding of new 2.25%Cr materials, T/P23 and T/P24 / T/P 23 and P 92: New boiler grades and matching filler metals for advanced coal-fired power plants - properties and experiences / Characterisation of 2.25Cr-1MoV weld metal at different steps during manufacturing process of a pressure vessel / Universal gas metal arc cladding-a preheated filler MIG surfacing concept / Laser repair welding of heat exchanger tubes of nuclear power plant / Meeting the challenges of high pressure nozzle welding / Use of flux-cored arc welding for joining modified 9Cr-1Mo steel / Modelling of a deformation resistance weld of a tube to solid / Analysis of weld quality through experimentation and artificial neural network model / Analytical model of heat input from friction stir welding and its finite element thermal distribution analysis / Materials related solutions for ultra-supercritical boilers / Enhanced weld creep strength modelling based on parent material master curves case: 9Cr steels / Microstructures and creep properties of weld joints of high Cr heat resisting steels / Creep behaviour of austenitic stainless steels and their weld metals / Evaluation of local fluctuation of creep properties in welded joint for 18Cr-12Ni-Mo-medium N-low C steel / Cross-weld creep behaviour of 2.25Cr-1Mo steel / Influence of heat input on reference temperature-nil ductility transition (RTNDT) of 9Cr-1Mo steel welds / Effect of centre line segregation on sulphide stress cracking of line pipe steel / Reuse of an obsolete equipment in rerated condition - a case study / Behaviour of steam generator top and bottom flanged connections at elevated temperatures / Advanced testing and evaluation of pipe line welds / Design guidelines for assessing initiation and growth of thermal shock cracking / Design validation of pressure vessels by instrumented proof testing / Studies on blockage detection in tubes and pipes / The investigation of ligament cracking in a reheater outlet header from a large thermal power station / The safety systems of acetylene cylinders and the study of a major incident / Failure analysis of high pressure heaters in thermal power station / Failure analysis of steel pressure pipes / Analysis of a few fatigue failures in the conventional side of nuclear power plants in Kalpakkam / Failure analysis of welded reformer tubes of a fertilizer unit / Failure analysis of 304L austenitic stainless steel rupture DISCS in sodium-water reaction testing facility / Basis of material selection to mitigate failures in heavy water plants / Authors Index / Subject Index / About the Editors.


Students, Researchers, Scientists, Engineers in Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering, Plant Personnel and Technology Managers


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