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Graph Theory: Research Directions
Editor(s): Pratima Panigrahi, S.B. Rao

ISBN:    978-81-7319-997-4 
Publication Year:   2011
Pages:   166
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   450

About the book

GRAPH THEORY: Research Directions, contains ten articles, mainly survey type, on some current research areas in Graph Theory, namely, graceful labeling, L(2,1)-labelling, complexity of graph labeling problems, dominations, interval graphs, matrices and graphs, colouring of labelled graphs and hypergraphs, self-complementary graphs, and strongly regular graphs. Several research problems have been mentioned in the book and at the end of each article a number of references have been included. This book will be beneficial for researchers and useful for beginners who want to do research in these topics.

Table of Contents

Preface / Contributing Authors / Graph Labelings and Complexity Problems: A Review / Coding, Counting, Cutset incomparability and Coloring of Labelled Graphs and Hypergraphs / Domination in Graphs / Graceful Labelings: Properties and Algorithms / Graceful Operations on Trees / L(2, 1)-labeling of Graphs: Known Results and Open Problems / Some Topics Related to Interval Digraphs/Bigraphs / Self-Complementary Graphs / Nonnegative Matrices and Graph Spectra: A Brief Introduction / Some Open Problems on Strongly Regular Graphs.


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students


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