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Numerical Computational Methods , Revised Edition
Author(s): P. B. Patil, U. P. Verma

ISBN:    978-81-7319-951-6 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2015
Pages:   684
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   1100


About the book

Though Analytical and/or Experimental solutions for every problem are not possible, approximate solutions are. Numerical methods provide the best approximation among all. This book presents a host of numerical methods, their algorithmic presentation and computer programs in Visual Basic, FORTRAN and C++. Perhaps it is for the first time that any book provides numerical methods in Visual Basic. The text is exhaustive and illuminates basic derivations of the formulae to be converted into programs. For each program algorithm is expressed and each step of the algorithm can be directly converted into computer program statement. All topics in the book are explicit in nature, self explanatory and student friendly. Solved problems accelerate the grasp of the particular numerical method. This book can be used both as a text and a good reference book for any researcher who needs numerical evaluations his work. The reader is expected to have only elementary knowledge of differentiation and integration.

Key Features

  • Discussion of every method with theory, error estimation, steps of the method, algorithm Large number of solved examples and unsolved problems along with answers for practice Programs in Visual Basic, FORTRAN and C++ for almost every method Correspondence maintained among algorithms, programs in three languages and solved examples Includes general structure of high level programming languages

Table of Contents

Preface / List of Programs / Numerical Method, Error and Algorithm / Numerical Solutions of Transcendental Equations / Elimination Methods for Solving Simultaneous Equations / Solutions of Simultaneous Equations Iterative Methods / Solutions of Eigen-Equations / Interpolation / Least Square Curve Fitting / Numerical Differentiation / Numerical Integration / Solutions of Ordinary Differential Equations / Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations / Optimization / Appendix A Monte Carlo Methods / Appendix B Essential of Programming Language / Appendix C How to Start Visual Basic Programming / Appendix D About C++ Programming / Appendix E Programs in Visual Basic / Appendix F Programs in FORTRAN / Appendix G Programs in C++ / Bibliography / Index.


Students of Engineering, Computer Science disciplines, Pure and Applied Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology and Researcher Students in Various Disciplines


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