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Agrobiodiversity Hotspots: Access and Benefit Sharing
Editor(s): S. Kannaiyan

ISBN:    978-81-7319-916-5 
Publication Year:   2009
Pages:   322
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   770

About the book

Agrobiodiversity Hotspots: Access and Benefit Sharing covers in a major way Agrobiodiversity and includes important genetic resources like wild rice diversity hot spots, Sorghum and Millet genetic resources, Cotton genetic resources, Diversity in cotton and indigenous safflower and its wild species, Diversity of tuber crops and wild relatives. It also covers biodiversity of Piper species, Diversity in medicinal plants, Diversity in, mushrooms and the biocontrol fungal antagonist, Trichoderma, Diversity in cry genes of Bacillus thuringinensis, use of traditional knowledge of plant genetic resources, Access and benefit sharing, Western ghats, a mega diversity hotspot in India for horticultural crops, Biological diversity Act – 2002 Geographical indication and IPR, agrobiodiversity Hotspots and procedures for access and benefit sharing and genetically modified crops and biosafety.

Table of Contents

Foreword / Preface / Wild Rice Diversity Hotspots and Benefits / Sorghum and Millet Genetic Resources Management / Cotton Genetic Resources in India / Biodiversity in Indigenous Castor / Indigenous Safflower and its Wild Species / Agrobiodiversity Hotspots / Farmer’s Variety, Folk Varieties, Land Races and Varieties of Common Knowledge in the Context of Plant Variety Protection / Agrobiodiversity Hotspots in Eastern Ghats: Issues and Challenges / Access and Benefit Sharing / Agrobiodiversity and Access and Benefit Sharing / Western Ghats: A Mega Diversity Hotspot in India for Horticultural Crops / Diversity of Tuber Crops and Wild Relatives / Biodiversity of Piper Species in India / Current Concern of Biodiversity of Medicinal Plants in India / Biodiversity of Oyster, Paddy Straw and Milky Mushroom / Exploring the Biogeographical Diversity of Trichoderma for Human Welfare / Biodiversity of Bacillus thuringinensis / Use of Traditional Knowledge of Plant Genetic Resources in Agro Biotechnological Innovations and Sharing Benefits / Systematic Documentation of Traditional Knowledge Associated with Biodiversity, Kani Model of Access and Benefit Sharing / Biodiversity of Spices and Conservation / Agrobiodiversity Hotspots Management and Procedures for Access and Benefit Sharing / Genetically Modified (GM) Crops and Biosafety.


Graduate Students & Teachers in Agriculture and Botany


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