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Biotechnology: Concepts and Applications
Editor(s): Ravishankar Rai Vittal, Rajeev Bhat

ISBN:    978-81-7319-902-8 
Publication Year:   2009
Pages:   480
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   950


About the book

Biotechnology: Concepts and Applications focuses on providing comprehensive information on the advancements and facets of various aspects of ‘Biotechnology’ which has revolutionized the present world. The chapters include developments in pharmaceutical, animal, plant, food and environmental biotechnology. The book offers in-depth details on Pharmacogenomics, Patho-biotechnology, Stem cells, Antisense technology, Protein engineering, Supercritical fluid extraction of biomolecules, Designing of SSF bioreactors, Bacteriocins, Antioxidants, Recombinant proteins, Whole cell biosensors, Biotechnological exploitation of mushrooms, Microbial secondary metabolites and their clinical applications, Stress tolerance in plants - their functional genomic approach, and on Biopharming and edible vaccines. Aspects relevant to environmental technology has also been covered that includes: Biofertilizer technology, Present global environmental scenario and Application of waste water in Agro-biotechnology. Updated details relevant to Bioinformatics have been discussed in the Biological Databases chapter.

Table of Contents

Preface / List of Contributors / Pharmacogenomics in Clinical Research / Patho-biotechnology / Cord Blood Derived Stem Cells, their Collection, Cryopreservation and Clinical Application / Antisense Technology – A New Dimension in Therapy / Protein Engineering Principles and Methods / Model Predictive Control with On-line Estimation of Unmeasured Variables and Model Parameters in a Solid-State Fermentation Bioreactor / Supercritical Fluid Extraction of Biomolecules Produced by Fermentation / Bacteriocins of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Food Biopreservation / Antioxidants in Health / Yeasts and Filamentous Fungi as Hosts for Recombinant Protein Production/ Whole Cell Biosensors for the Detection of Quorum Sensing Signal Molecules in Gram Negative Bacteria/ Polysaccharides from Basidiomycetes: A Promising Source for Immunostimulating and Anticancerous Activity / Biotechnological Exploitation of Medicinal Mushrooms as Anti-neoplastic Agents / Pharmaceutically Important Secondary Metabolites from Fungi / Plant Responses and Tolerance to High and Low Temperature Stresses: A Functional Genomic Approach / Plant Based Edible Vaccines – Prospects and Perspectives / Enhancing Stress Tolerance in Plants through Molecular Approaches / Biofertilizer Technology for Sustainable Cotton Production and Soil Health / Global Environmental Scenario: Issues and Perspectives / Wastewater Application in Agro Biotechnology Development and Public Health Issues / Biological Databases / Index.


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