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Alternate Energy Processes in Chemical Synthesis: Microwave, Ultrasonic and Photo Activation
Author(s): V.K. Ahluwalia, Rajender S. Varma

ISBN:    978-81-7319-848-9 
Publication Year:   2008
Pages:   234
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   650

About the book

Most of the chemical manufacturing industries use electricity generated from coal for heating purposes. Use of coal generates oxides of carbon, nitrogen and sulphur which are responsible for Environmental Pollution. In view of this, attempts have been made to use alternate energy processes. This book deals with the use of microwaves, sonication and photo activation as alternate energy sources. Besides these energy processes, some reactions can also be carried out by just mixing of the reactants in a pestle-mortar or by just heating at low temperatures (40ē–70ēC). These alternate energy processes will go a long way in minimizing the pollution of the environment.

Table of Contents

Preface / Part I: Microwave Assisted Organic Synthesis – Introduction / Microwave Assisted Organic Reactions in Water / Microwave Assisted Organic Reactions in Organic Solvents / Microwave Assisted Reactions in Solid State / Miscellaneous Reactions / Part II: Ultrasound Assisted Organic Synthesis – Introduction / Homogeneous Sonochemical Reactions / Heterogeneous Liquid – Liquid Reactions / Heterogeneous Solid – Liquid Reactions / Miscellaneous Applications / Part III: Solid State Solvent Free Organic Synthesis – Introduction / Solid State Organic Synthesis at Room Temperature / Solid State Organic Synthesis by Slight Warming of the Reactants / Miscellaneous Reactions / Part IV: Photoinduced Organic Synthesis / Introduction / Photochemical Reactions / Industrial Applications of Photochemistry / Miscellaneous Photochemical Reactions.


Graduate Students in Chemistry & Chemists


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