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Atomic Structure and Collision Processes
Editor(s): Man Mohan

ISBN:    978-81-7319-811-3 
E-ISBN:   E 978-81-8487-299-6
Publication Year:   2010
Pages:   368
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   900

About the book

Atomic and Molecular physics play a central role in many other fields such as analytical techniques, biophysics, and chemical & condensed matter physics. Accurate atomic and molecular data is required for understanding Earth, Sun, other’s Astrophysical objects (like Stars, Nebulae, Novae, Supernovae) atmospheres and high temperature plasma coming from fusion type of reaction in (ITER) future Tokomak-machines. The main processes of direct interests are data for collisional processes involving electron, proton & photon resulting excitation, ionization, dissociation and recombination. In addition, collision processes is central to the understanding of phenomena such as global warming, and air and water pollution. Not only this branch impacts numerous branches of engineering, from information technology and nanotechnology to bioengineering.

Table of Contents

Preface / Electron Induced Chemistry: Chemical Control at the Molecular Level / Nonadiabatic Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Functions / Hyperspherical Approach to the Four-body Problem / Relativistic Transition Energy and Probability Calculations for Plasma Embedded Atoms and Ions / Relativistic Atomic Calculations for Spectroscopy / Atomic Structures of Heavy Elements: Recent Progress and Perspectives / Fundamental Spectroscopic Data for IN and S N Ions Relevant to EUV Projection Lithography / Additions to the Spectra and Energy Levels of Ionized Broron, B II – B V / Elastic Scattering and Photon Absorption in Two-electron Systems / Study of Elastic Scattering of Electrons from Inert Gases using Relativistic Theory / Logarithmically Accurate Total Integrated Cross Sections for Fast Electron Scattering on Atoms / Ion Beam Extraction and Beam Parameter Study of 2.45 Ghz Electron Cyclotron Resonance Ion Source / Signature of Target Excitation in N2 Fragmentation on Collision with Ar9+ Ions / Double Ionization of Helium by Electron Impact / Electron Impact Ionization of Singly Ionized Targets: A BEA Model / High Intensity Ultrashort Laser Pulse-Plasma Interaction: Generation of Hot Electrons and their Transport through over Dense Plasma / Collisions of Fully and Partially Stripped Ions with H2 at Low Energies / Rotational Excitation Cross-section for Low Energy Electron Collision with Cometary Molecules / Total and Ionization Cross Sections for Well Known and Exotic Hydrocarbon Molecules upon Electron Impact / Vibronic Dynamics of Organic Hydrocarbons and Radicals / Franck Condon Factors and Dissociation Energy of Different Electronic States of S2 Molecule / Calculations of PBG Structures in Quasicrystals using FEM / Resonant Transfer Excitation Cross Sections for Phosphorus Ions with K-shell Excitation / Theoretical Study of Electron Scattering Processes with H2O (Ice) / Photoionization Cross Section for Complex Multi-Electron Ions / Photoionization of Rubidium / Oscillator Strengths and Lifetimes of Mg like Kr / Excitation of Helium Atoms He-He Collisions / Spin-Dependent Processes at Atom-atomic and Atom-molecular Interactions / Time-dependent Wave Packet Dynamics of Atom-diatom Reactive Scattering / Viscosity of Thermal Plasmas and Electronically Excited States / Investigation on Silicon Ions using Faraday Cup Technique / Effects of Hypersonic Field and other Defects on Channelling Radiation / Ionization in Ps-Atom Scattering / Electron Impact Excitation of Atoms in Distorted Wave Approximation / Index.


Postgraduate Students, Researchers & Teachers in Physics


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