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Small Signal Analysis of Isolated Hybrid Power Systems: Reactive Power and Frequency Control Analysis
Author(s): R. C. Bansal, T. S. Bhatti

ISBN:    978-81-7319-799-4 
Publication Year:   2008
Pages:   240
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   650

About the book

Small Signal Analysis of Isolated Hybrid Power Systems: Reactive Power and Frequency Control Analysis discusses automatic reactive power control of autonomous hybrid power system modelling based on power equations. The modelling can be easily extendable to an autonomous hybrid power system having multi machines system. To test the proposed reactive power control system, state space models of wind-diesel, wind-multi-diesel, multi-wind-diesel, and wind-diesel-micro-hydro using the three different types of SVC models have been developed on the basis of small signal analysis. Simulation studies have been carried out on different examples of hybrid power systems for deterministic and realistic disturbances in load and/or input wind power. The book discusses optimum gain settings of the controllers for step disturbances in input wind and/or in reactive power load and observations obtained from the responses of the system considered under optimum gain settings. ANN models have been developed for different autonomous hybrid power system configurations for tuning the proportional-integral controller of SVC for optimum performance.

Table of Contents

Preface / Introduction / State of the Art of Hybrid Systems / Mathematical Modelling of an Isolated Hybrid Power System for Automatic Reactive Power Control / Parameter Optimization and Dynamic Performance Study of Autonomous Hybrid Power Systems / Simulation of Autonomous Hybrid Power Systems using Matlab/Simulink for Realistic Load Disturbances / Optimum Selection of SVC Controller Gains using Artificial Neural Networks / Load Frequency Control of Isolated Hybrid Power Systems / Appendix I III / Index.


Graduate Students, Researchers & Industry Personnel


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