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Cadmium Toxicity and Tolerance in Plants
Editor(s): Nafees A. Khan, Samiullah

ISBN:    978-81-7319-737-6 
Publication Year:   2006
Pages:   202
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   600

About the book

Cadmium (Cd) is a noxious trace pollutant for humans, animals and plants. The increasing contamination of Cd in the environment and its accumulation in the food chain from anthropogenic activities, such as the non-ferrous metal industry, mining, use and disposal of batteries, metal-contaminated wastes and sludge disposal, application of pesticides and phosphate fertilizers leads to dispersion of Cd. This volume explores some of the more important aspects of Cd stress, demonstrates how they affect the plant and reviews how new genotypes less vulnerable to stress can be selected.

Table of Contents

Preface / List of Contributors / Antioxidant Stress Responses of Plants to Cadmium / Phytoremediation Techniques of Cd-Contaminated Soils: Toxicity, Enhanced Uptake Techniques, and Mechanism / Cadmium Uptake and its Toxicity in Higher Plants / Cadmium Stress in Higher Plants / Cadmium Phytoextraction from Contaminated Soils / Cadmium Detoxification in Roots of Pisum Sativum Seedlings: The Role of Phytochelatins in Metal Stress Coping / Purification of Glutamate Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes from Control and Cadmium Treated Tomato Leaf / Cadmium-A Metal-An Enigma: An Overview / Index.


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