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Functional Avian Endocrinology
Editor(s): A. Dawson, P. J. Sharp

ISBN:    978-81-7319-568-6 
Publication Year:   2005
Pages:   460
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   1100

About the book

Functional Avian Endocrinology provides a comprehensive review of the current state of research into all aspects relating to hormones in birds both wild birds, how they respond and adapt to their natural environment, and domestic poultry, aimed at improving commercial production and breeding. Many of the advances in avian endocrinology have been possible through the development of research tools. Perhaps the most important and recent of these is DNA microarray technology, which makes it possible to identify novel genes underlying endocrine function. The first section of this book describes this technique and illustrates the way this technology is being used to open up new opportunities for avian endocrinologists. Further sections cover neuroendocrinology, behaviour, seasonality, reproduction, stress, ontogeny of the endocrine system, and the possible consequences of endocrine disrupting chemicals.

Table of Contents

Preface / Genomic tools for endocrine research / Functional genomics of the avian pineal gland / Transcriptional profiling in liver of hormonally-manipulated chickens / Gene expression profiling in the developing neuroendocrine system of the chick / The gonadotrophin releasing hormone neurone: key to avian reproductive function / Structure, action and functional significance of GnIH / Regulation of FSH secretion: GnRH dependent? / GnRH, photorefractoriness and breeding schedules of cardueline finches / Audio-vocal pathways controlling GnRH release / The possible role of the lateral septal organ in housing encephalic photoreceptors responsible for regulating gonadal development / Photoperiodic time measurement / Environmental control of reproduction in Sonoran Desert Aimophila sparrows / Effects of food availability on the reproductive system / Non-photoperiodic seasonality in a tropical songbird / Melatonin regulation of migratory behaviour and physiology / Melatonin-dependent song pattern of song-birds: Bypassing the gonadal control of sexual behavior / Melatonin regulation of clock genes in birds / Modulation of acute stress in breeding birds / A cardiovascular mechanism for the behavioral effects of AVT during and following acute stress / Corticosterone and memory in birds / Neuroendocrine and behavioral consequences of embryonic exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals / Endocrine disruption in a songbird, the Zebra finch / Impact of endocrine disrupting chemicals on sexual differentiation in Japanese quail / Growth differentiation factor 9: An oocyte factor regulating ovarian follicle development / The inhibin-activin system and ovarian folliculo-genesis in the chicken / Female mate choice / Activity-dependent regulation of seasonal neuro-plasticity in the song system in songbirds / Modulation of steroid-dependent male sexual behavior and neural gene expression: A role for steroid receptor co-activators / Evolution of plasticity in hormonally-integrated parental tactics: An example with the house finch / Growth hormone: a pituitary and extra pituitary chameleon during development / Ocular pituitary hormones in the chick embryo / CRH control of thyroid function in the chicken / Differential regulation of intracellular thyroid hormone availability in developing chicken brain and peripheral tissues.


Ornithologists, Biologists, Zoologists


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