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Point Processes and Product Densities
Editor(s): S. K. Srinivasan, A. Vijayakumar

ISBN:    978-81-7319-558-7 
Publication Year:   2003
Pages:   168
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   520

About the book

Point processes are random processes that are concerned with point events occurring in space or time. A powerful method of analyzing them is through a sequence of correlation functions, called product densities, introduced by Alladi Ramakrishnan. In view of their wide applicability, there is a spectacular development of the theory and applications of these processes in the recent past. Most of the books and monographs in this area are not easily comprehensible to non-mathematically oriented readers, because of their abstraction and generality. In addition, the best way to learn a subject is to study the original papers. Hence it is considered worthwhile to reprint some of the most significant contributions of Alladi Ramakrishnan and his associates to serve as a ready reference volume. While a good working knowledge of elementary probability theory is a must, some acquaintance with Markov processes will be helpful to read these papers. This volume will be useful to young researchers working in the broad area of stochastic point processes and their applications and in particular indispensable to those working in stochastic modeling with special reference to problems of queues, inventory, reliability, neural network etc. It will also be useful to those working in the conventional areas of statistical physics, fluctuating phenomena and communication theory and control, where point processes are extensively employed.

Table of Contents

Preface / Contributions of Professor Alladi Ramakrishnan to Mathematical Sciences: Krishnaswami Alladi / Point Processes, Random measures and Measurable processes: Fifty years of Product Densities ( An Overview): Srinivasan S.K. / Stochastic Processes Relating to Particles Distributed in a Continuous infinity of States (From Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol 46, 1950): A. Ramakrishnan / A Note on Janossy’s Mathematical Model of a Nucleon Cascade (From Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol 48, 1952): A. Ramakrishnan / Stochastic Processes Associated with Random Divisions of a line (From Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol 49, 1953): A. Ramakrishnan / On Stellar Statistics (From Astrophysical Journal, Vol 122, 1955): A. Ramakrishnan / A New Approach to Cascade Theory (From Proceedings for the Indian Academy of Sciences, Vol 44A, 1956): A. Ramakrishnan et al. / Numerical Calculations on the new Approach to the Cascade theory-III (From II Nuovo Cimento, Vol 9, 1958): Srinivasan S.K. et al / On Age Distribution in Population Growth (From Bulletin of Mathematical Biophysics, Vol 20, 1958): A. Ramakrishnan et al. / Multiple Stochastic Point Processes (From Zastosowania Matematyki, Vol 6, 1962): Srinivasan S.K. / Multiple Product Densities (From Journal of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Vol 1, 1967): A. Ramakrishnan et al / The Stochastic Problem of Electron Photon Cascades including Polarization ( From Proceedings of the Physical Society (London), Vol 76A, 1960): Ranganathan N.R. et al / Correlation Problems in Evolutionary Stochastic Processes (From Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol 57, 1961): A. Ramakishnan et al / Sequent Correlation in Evolutionary Stochastic Point Process and its Application to Cascade Theories (From II Nuovo Cimento Vol 33, 1964): Srinivasan S.K. et al / Sequent Correlations in Stochastic Point Processes – III (From II Nuovo Cimento, Ser 10, Vol 60B, 1969): Srinivasan S.K. et al


Postgraduate Students, Doctoral, Statistician and Researchers


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