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Computational Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer , Second Edition
Editor(s): K. Muralidhar, T. Sundararajan

ISBN:    978-81-7319-522-8 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2014
Pages:   604
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   850


About the book

In the second edition of this well known Textbook, a full chapter on the finite volume method has been added – a technique that combines the benefits of finite differences and finite elements. Specifically, it is applicable to three dimensional unsteady flows in complex geometrie. It uses structured collocated grids, the grids themselves can be orthogonal or non-orthogonal. Extension of the finite volume technique to compressible fluids as well as turbulent flows is possible.

Key Features

  • • New references added • Additional Problems included • Emphasizes computer sloutions of partial differential equations Simple FORTRAN programs for the beginner (abailable from publisher)

Table of Contents

Preface / PART I: Preliminaries: Chapter 1: Review of Equation Governing Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer –K. Muralidhar / Chapter 2: Applied Numerical Methods- K. Muralidhar / Chapter 3: Numerical Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations-Vinayak Eswaran / Chapter 4: Finite Differences, Discretization, Consistency, Stability and Fundamentals of Fluid Flow Modelling –Gautam Biswas / PART II: Incompressible Flow and Heat Transfer: Chapter 5: Finite Difference Applications in Heat Conduction and Convection-T. Sundararajan / Chapter 6: Solution of Viscous Incompressible Flows by the Stream Function – Vorticity Formulation-T. Sundararajan / Chapter 7: Solution of Navier-Stokes Equations for Incompressible Flows using MAC and SIMPLE Algorithms – Gautam Biswas / Chapter 8: Finite Element Method-K. Muralidhar / PART III: Inviscid Flow: Chapter 9: Panel Methods-K. Muralidhar / Chapter 10: Three Dimensional Panel Method for Compressible Flow-N.L. Arora / Chapter 11: Compressible Flows-T.K. Sengupta / PART IV: Chapter 12: An Introduction to Spectral Methods-Vinayak Eswaran / Chapter 13: Automatic Grid Generation for Complex Geometry Problems-T. Sundararajan / Chapter 14: Operator-Splitting Algorithm for Advection-Diffusion Equations-K. Muralidhar / Chapter 15: Computation of Transitional Flows-T.K. Sengupta / Chapter 16: Finite Volume Method-A.Sharma et al. / Index


Postgraduate Students, Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil and Chemical Engineers


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