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Elementary Course in Partial Differential Equations, An , Second Edition
Author(s): T. Amaranath

ISBN:    978-81-7319-519-8 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2021
Pages:   164
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   300


About the book

The long awaited second edition of this very successful textbook for graduate students covers the study of first and second order of Partial Differential Equations. This may also be used by persons preparing for CSIR/UGC, GATE and UPSC examinations. New to this edition: l Improved presentation l Additional exercieses and worked examples at the end of each section with solutions l Also useful for students of Engineering and Physics

Table of Contents

Preface / Preface to the Second Edition / First Order P.D.E. / Curves and Surfaces / Genesis of First Order P.D.E. / Classification of Integrals / Linear Equations of the First Order Pfaffian Differential Equations / Compatible Systems / Charpitís Method / Jacobiís Method / Integral Surface Through a Given Curve / Quasi-Linear Equations / Non-Linear First Order P.D.E. / Second Order P.D.E / Genesis of Second Order P.D.E. / Classification of Second Order P.D.E. / One Dimensional Wave Equation / Vibrations of an Infinite String / Vibrations of a Semi-infinite String / Vibrations of a String of Finite Length / Riemannís Method / Vibrations of a String of Finite Length (Method of Separation of Variables) / Laplaceís Equation / Boundary Value Problems / Maximum and Minimum Principles / The Cauchy Problem / The Dirichlet Problem for the Upper Half Plane / The Neumann Problem for the Upper Half Plane / The Dirichlet Problem for a Circle / The Dirichlet Exterior Problem for a Circle / The Neumann Problem for a Circle / The Dirichlet Problem for a Rectangle / Harnackís Theorem / Laplaceís Equation Ė Greenís Function / The Dirichlet Problem for a Half Plane / The Dirichlet Problem for a Circle / Heat Conduction Problem / Heat Conduction Ė Infinite Rod Case / Heat Conduction Ė Finite Rod Case / Duhamelís Principle / Wave Equation / Heat Conduction Equation / Classification in the Case of n-Variables / Families of Equipotential Surfaces / Kelvinís Inversion Theorem / A Fourier Transforms and Integrals / Fourier Integral Theorem / Properties of Fourier Transform / Examples / Convolution Theorem / Vibrations of an Infinite String / Suggested Readings / Index


Graduate students of Mathematics, Engineering, Physics & for competitive examinations


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