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Cytology and Genetics
Author(s): S. Sen, D. K. Kar, B. M. Johri

ISBN:    978-81-7319-513-6 
Publication Year:   2005
Pages:   416
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   520


About the book

Cytology and Genetics covers aspects of Cell Science i.e. Basic and Applied, along with their modern developments including cell cycle and check-point, cell organelles, with special emphasis on chromosomes, their structure, chemical details and behaviour as well as their role in evolution and plant improvement. The Genetics covering Mendelian and Post-Mendelian developments as well as extra nuclear inheritance and sex-determination, development of gene concept & structure, genetic code, gene expression and gene manipulation are extensively covered. Different steps of recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering including cloning, genomic libraries, genetransfer and transgenesis are presented with DNA finger-printing for the analysis of genetic diversity, tissue culture and cell fusion techniques.

Key Features

  • Applications of genetics and modern genomics in Agriculture, Industry and Medicine Population genetics and evolution Developments in genetics including genetic manipulation and GM crops Summary with questions at end of Chapters Glossary

Table of Contents

Introduction / Cell / Chromosome / Nucleic Acid / Cell Cycle / Mendelian Inheritance / Gene Expression and Interaction / Linkage, Crossing over and Gene Mapping / Sex Determination and Sex Linked Inheritance / Cytoplasmic Inheritance / Numerical and Structural Changes of Chromosome / Mutation / Concept of Modern Gene / Genetic Code / Protein Synthesis and Its Regulation / Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology / Population Genetics / Evolution Genetics / Cytological Techniques / References / Index


Undergraduate Students & Teachers


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