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Greenhouse Technology for Controlled Environment
Author(s): G. N. Tiwari

ISBN:    978-81-7319-498-6 
Publication Year:   Reprint 2012
Pages:   564
Binding:   Paper Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   800


About the book

This monograph provides a platform for agricultural scientists, researchers, vegetable growers and professional entrepreneurs to understand the fundamentals of greenhouse technology applicable to vegetable production, crop drying, poultry farming and space heating etc. Beginning with a historical background, it provides design, construction, instrumentation and error analysis in greenhouses and discusses the basics of solar energy, solar fraction and heat transfer. The different heating cooling concepts used to create favourable environment conditions inside greenhouses have been widely covered. Information on constituents of inside environment , root media, various crop production, thermal modeling, energy analysis and economic aspects of greenhouse technology have also been dealt with.

Key Features

  • Large number of figures and tables Solved exercises Additional problems at the end of each chapter

Table of Contents

Preface / Introduction: The Sun / The Earth / Formation of Atmosphere / Global Green House Effect / Historical Background of Micro Climate Greenhouse / Greenhouse Technology / Classification / Constituents of Environment / Problems / Root Media and Irrigation Management: / Introduction / Principal / Chemical Properties / Soil Structure / Properties of Root Medium / Ingredients of Root Medium / Soil Texture / Soil Classification / Fertilizers / Soil Water Plant Relationship / Irrigation Management / Irrigation Systems / Problems / Construction And Instrumentation: Introduction / Classification / Construction / Methods of Construction / Glazing Properties / Design / Cooling Arrangements / Heating Arrangements / Instrumentation / Types of Errors and Uncertainties / Problems / Review : Introduction / National Status / International Status / Solar Radiation: Introduction / Solar Geometry / Solar Radiation Availability of Greenhouse Canopy Cover / Problems / Solar Fraction For Greenhouse: Importance of Solar Fraction / Definition of Solar Fraction / Evaluation of Solar Fraction / Applications of Solar Fraction / Problems / Elements of Heat Transfer : Introduction / Conduction / Convection / Radiation / Transpiration / Boundary Condition / Overall Heat Transfer Coefficient / Problems / Steady State Analysis of a Greenhouse: Introduction / Approximate Method / Steady State Analysis of Heating Concepts / Steady State Analysis of Heating/Cooling Concepts / Performance Prediction / Experimental Greenhouse / Parametric Studies / Problems / Thermal Modelling of Greenhouse: Need for Thermal Modeling / Identification of Problems / Fundamental Assumptions / Basic Energy Balance Equation / Management: Introduction / Plant Nutrients / Insect and Disease Management / Production Managements / Choice of Crop for Greenhouse Cultivation / Statistical Analysis / Problems / Energy Analysis for Greenhouse: Basic Need of Energy Analysis / Energy Required for Fan and Pump / Energy Required for AIR Blower / Total Required Energy / Energy Supplied by PV System / Problems / Greenhouse Cum Dryer: Introduction / Heat and Mass Transfer / Thermal Modelling / Comparision with open Sun Drying / Problems / Other Applications: Importance / Background / Greenhouse-CUM-Solar Distillation / Greenhouse for Heating of Biogas Plant / Greenhouse for Space Heating / Solarisation of Seeds / Greenhouse of Poultry Farm / Problems / Economic Analysis: Introduction / Capital Recovery Factor / Pay Back Period / Net Present Value / Internal Rate of Return / Benefit Cost Ratio / Cash Flow Diagram / Effect of Depreciation / Cost Comparision After Tax / Problems / Glossary / References / Appendix / Index.


Undergraduate & Postgraduate Students, Teachers, Researchers & Industries


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