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Bioenergy Technology and Engineering
Author(s): Zhang Bailiang

ISBN:    978-1-84265-762-1 
Publication Year:   2013
Pages:   834
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   185mm x 240mm
Weight:   1470

About the book

BIOENERGY TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING discusses current status and the evaluation of bioenergy techniques and bioenergy resources; research, production and application of highly efficient anaerobe reactors and combustion equipments for biogas; manufacturing techniques and research on biogas, bioethanol and biodiesel; biomass briquettes and pellets production techniques, producing equipments, research and evaluation on the engineered implemention method of such fuel. This book, with its outstanding innovation focuses on the research ideas, techniques route, research methods, experiment process and application effects of bioenergy. Suitable for researchers, engineers and technicians working in the fields of bioenergy, environmental projects, biochemical industry and agricultural engineering, it will also serve as a reference book for graduate students of relevant majors in Colleges and Universities.

Table of Contents

Preface / Foreword / Bioenergy Review / Gaseous Biofuel: Research on Internal Circulation Anaerobic Reactor / Research on Anaerobic Sludge Granulation under the Condition of Treating Piggery Sewage by IC Reactor / Research on Straws Pretreatment and Biogas Produced by anaerobic Fermentation / Research on Tobacco Curing System Fueled by Biomass Pyrolysis Gas / Liquid Biofuel: Researches on Methanol by Synthesis Biogas / Experiment and Research on Production Technology of Cellulosic Ethanol / Researches on Biodiesel Production from Vegetable Oil Catalyzed by Lipase / Experiments on Biodiesel Production Catalyzed by Solid Catalysts / Densified Biomass Fuel: Optimized Design and Engineering Experiment of Biomass Hydraulic Briquetting Presses / Combustion Equipment Design Basis of Straw Briquettes / Research of Large-scale Biomass Densification Technology in China / Research on the Deposition Formed and Erosion on DBF Combustion Equipment / Bioenergy Resources: Henan Biodiesel Woody Plant Resources / Contributions of Liquid Biofuel to Oil Security in China / The Contribution of the GHG Emission Reduced by Renewable Energy Application in China / Afterword.


Students, Teachers, Engineers, Technicians and Researchers


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