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Fundamentals of X-Ray Crystallography , Second Edition
Author(s): Liang Dongcai

ISBN:    978-1-84265-571-9 
Publication Year:   2011
Pages:   478
Binding:   Hard Back
Dimension:   160mm x 240mm
Weight:   1150
An Alpha Science Title - Exclusive Distribution

About the book

FUNDAMENTALS OF X-RAY CRYSTALLOGRAPHY is based on the authorís research and teaching experience over many years. Using geometric concepts and methods it systematically analyses and deduces the crystal symmetry principle and the crystal diffraction theory, establishing distinctive three-dimensional concepts which are easy to understand, grasp and apply. The whole book is divided into three parts: geometric crystallography principles, micro-space symmetry principle and basic principle of X-ray diffraction in crystal. The first and second section carry an in-depth discussion and analysis on macro-symmetry, micro-symmetry and symmetrical composition law of crystal respectively using the principle that the symmetric distribution of equivalent point in space is consistent space symmetry. The first two sections also systematically deduce the thirty two point groups and two hundred thirty micro-space symmetric combinations. Section three details Laue scattering equation and Prague reflection equation and describes practical use of several important single crystal diffraction methods and apparatus on the basis of mutual relations between crystal lattice and its reciprocal lattice, using reciprocal lattice and reflection ball mathematical model and their interaction relation. In addition, starting from the principle that reciprocal lattice point system disappearance caused by translation vector in microscopic crystal space, it states system extinction law of diffraction, and deduces one hundred twenty diffraction groups. This book lays the foundation for study of crystallography, crystal structure analysis and protein crystallography. It is a must-have for undergraduate and postgraduate students and a very good reference for researchers engaged in relevant studies.

Table of Contents

Preface of the first Edition / Preface of the First Edition / Introduction to the First Edition / Fundamental Principles of Geometric Crystallography: Principal Characteristics of Crystalline Solids / The Identity Theorem of the Facial Angle / Principles of Crystal Symmetry / Combination of Symmetry Elements / Symmetry Combinations Allowed in Crystals / Orientation of Crystals and Crystal Systems / Crystal Face Indices and Crystal Edge Indices / The Equivalent Point Set / Monomorphous Crystal Forms, Composite Crystal Forms, and Their Examples / Symmetry Principle of Microscopic Space: Translation in Microscopic Space / Symmetry Elements in Microscopic Space / Combinations of Microscopic Symmetry Elements and Periodic Translations / Combination of Symmetry Elements in Microscopic Space / Fourteen Bravais Lattices / Combinations of Microscopic Symmetry Elements and Nonprimitive Translations / Deduction of the Spatial Symmetry Groups / Fundamental Principles of Crystal X-Ray Diffraction: Generation and Basic Characteristics of X-rays / The Crystal Lattice and the Reciprocal Lattice / Nonprimitive Crystal Lattice and its Reciprocal Lattice / X-ray Diffraction in Crystals / Diffraction Sphere and Diffraction Space / Method and Fundamental Principle of Single-crystal Diffraction / Figure Caption Index / Table Title Index.


Postgraduate Students, Researchers and Teachers


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